La cachetada de Will Smith no terminó con su carrera, Michael Bay trabajaría con él | Entretenimiento Cine y Series

La cachetada de Will Smith no terminó con su carrera, Michael Bay trabajaría con él | Entretenimiento Cine y Series

For many people, those forceful punishments spelled the end of Will Smith’s career in Hollywood. Luckily for the actor, there are directors who don’t see bad as others to continue working with him.

Will Smith has an ally: Michael Bay would not hesitate to work with him

Despite the scandal caused by Will Smith and his aggression against Chris Rock at the 2022 Oscar Awards ceremony, there is a director who would not think twice before including him in one of his projects: Michael Bay.

The mind behind the ‘Transformers’ saga revealed in an interview for ‘Entertainment Weekly’ that without hesitation he would work again with the protagonist of ‘Independence Day’. “Absolutely 100 percent,” were Bay’s words when asked if he would be willing to manage Will Smith again.

The director assured that Smith is a very even-tempered and balanced person, so he would have no problem giving him a new role in any of his projects.

Michael Bay is on a tour to promote ‘Ambulance’, his new movie, so the press did not miss the opportunity to ask him about the famous slap, due to the professional relationship he has with Will Smith.

Bay did not like the situation very much, so according to ‘Variety’, he replied to one of the reporters that there were more important things to talk about, such as the situation of the war in Ukraine. But even so, the director took time to talk to ‘Entertainment Weekly’ about what happened.

“At first I thought: ‘This just happened? Then I saw Will scream. That was a real cry from Will. Will is an amazing fighter. He has studied boxing”

Michael Bay assured that the reaction of the people has exaggerated the aggression of Will Smith to Chris Rock, since although the actor’s behavior was wrong, it was not a blow that would have endangered the life of the comedian, as he has read on networks social.

“People say ‘Oh, I could have killed him.’ No, a slap, it’s different. A hit? Yes, you can kill someone, but Will slapped him.”

Michael Bay directed Will in some of his most iconic films, ‘Bad Boys’ and ‘Bad Boys II’, both of which grossed an impressive $400 million at the box office worldwide. Smith returned to the saga in ‘Bad Boys for Life’, a film that exceeded the collection of its predecessors and had Michael Bay in a cameo.