La carrera de Will Smith cerca del final, Netflix le da la espalda, cancela su nueva película

La carrera de Will Smith cerca del final, Netflix le da la espalda, cancela su nueva película

Will Smith’s career is near the end, Netflix turns its back on him, cancels his new movie. After the Oscar-winning actor was expelled from the Academy after the slap he gave Chris Rock live, they will now discontinue the Fast and Loose production that had Jada Pinkett Smith’s husband as the protagonist. Keep reading that Soy Carmín has all the details for you.

The project had already lost its director, David Leitch, a week before the episode at the Oscars in which Smith stormed the Dolby Theater stage to slap comedian Chris Rock, who was presenting an award and had made a bad joke about his wife, Jada Pinkett.

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The director’s decision to abandon the film had to do with the fact that he opted for another project with actor Ryan Gosling, Fall Guy, which facilitated the cancellation of the project after the scandal starring Smith, who resigned from the Hollywood Academy on Friday. before his imminent expulsion.

Netflix’s decision

According to sources consulted, after Leitch’s resignation, Netflix was looking for a new director to move forward with the film, in a context in which Smith’s shares were trading high for being the favorite to win the Oscar for Best Actor for King Richard, an award that he finally got minutes after the assault on Rock.

However, the scandal and its repercussions throughout the week, which led to Smith resigning from the Academy yesterday in the midst of an investigation against him that would probably lead to his expulsion, made Netflix leave the project behind to disassociate itself from the renowned actor.

The plot of the film followed the story of a mobster who lost his memory after an attack and it is not yet clear if Netflix will try to revive the film with another protagonist and director.

Other Smith projects in check

On the other hand, Apple + has Emancipation in post-production, starring Smith and with a debut planned for this year but without a release date and the company did not want to answer about its future.

In addition, Sony’s Bad Boys 4 was in development and Smith had received 40 pages of the script before the Oscars, but now the project has also been paused, a source told the specialized media.

The Will Smith Releases

“My actions were offensive, hurtful and inexcusable. I hurt Chris (Rock), his family, many friends and loved ones, everyone in attendance and the public. I betrayed the trust of the Academy. I deprived others of the opportunity to celebrate and be celebrated for their extraordinary work. My heart is broken,” Smith said in announcing his resignation from the Academy.

Before Smith’s statement, the president of the Academy, David Rubin, assured that the institution that governs the Oscars “immediately accepted” the actor’s resignation and said that they will continue “advancing the disciplinary procedures” against Smith for his violations of the standards of conduct during last Sunday’s gala.

After the incident, Will Smith remained at the ceremony and then went on stage to receive the Oscar for Best Actor, the first of his career, at which time he apologized crying to everyone except the attacked Rock.

Just on Monday, with a statement, he accepted:

“I crossed the line and I was wrong, a joke about Jada’s medical condition was too much for me,” he said in a public apology to Rock, who refused to press charges with the police for the assault suffered at the Dolby Theater.