La colombiana Valentina Nazarit es la primera mujer que está en Louis Vuitton

Imagen de la colombiana Valentina Nazarit es la primera mujer que está en Louis Vuitton

She was born in the department of Cauca, in a municipality that is repeatedly mentioned for the violence that exists there: Santander de Quilichao.

Today she is a young promise of world modeling. She was discovered in the capital of the Valley for which she today acts as her representative. The young woman was in a shopping center south of Cali, when her talent scout approached her.

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It was a photographer and director of NV Models who gave her his card and offered to start a career with the big ones. Within a week Valeria, Nazarit was signing the contract.

​​the young She thus becomes the first Colombian to debut with that luxury brand and, in addition, as an exclusive model after standing out among thousands of applicants around the world.

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“The image director walks in and tells us ‘congratulations, you’re the new Louis Vuitton girl.’ When that happened, I said ‘what!’ and she came back and repeated ‘you’re a Louis Vuitton girl,’” Valentina said.

“We arrived in Paris at night, the next day was the ‘casting’, that night I slept little, I went to the offices, they took some photos of me and then the photographer told me ‘wait because the designer wants to meet you’, I met him and, at the time, they confirmed me”, he commented.

Today the young model has a one-year exclusive contract with the French luxury house Louis Vuitton. She claims to be living a dream. She was in the Paris museum modeling a dress designed by Nicolás Ghesquière who is the creative director of the house.