La Cumbre lanza un paseo en bici por sus hitos patrimoniales – Argentina

The next Saturday May 14within the framework of the month of provincial cycling, will be held in the town of La Cumbre, the launch of the National Historic Town Cycle Tour circuit.

It is a tour of 11 kilometers in which you can see the main heritage architectural landmarks of this charming mountain town that, after the signing of National Decree No. 73/2021, became the first and only Historic Town in the province of Córdoba.

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The launch will be Saturday, May 14 at 3:00 p.m. at the Ministry of Tourism (Av. Caraffa al 300) to start together the tour of thes 24 mansions and buildings that make up the tour:

1. Railway Station

2. The Toboso House

3. Luis Berti Room

4. Palace Hotel

5. Shopping Center

6. Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church

7. Chalet Ruca Mahuida / Hotel Villa Art

8. Chalet Toki Eder

9. Golf Club La Cumbre

10. Williams Chalet

11. Posada San Andres

12. The Customs

13. Mandl Castle

14. The Copihues

15. San Roque Chapel

16. Cape

17. The Solar

18. Paradise – House of Manuel Mujica Lainez

19. Hotel Cruz Chica

20. The Small Cross Fonda

21. Hotel Reydon


23. Seville


There will be bikes available for those who do not have this type of mobility. Reports to 3548 637837

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