‘La Liendra’ tiene dos hermanas que no conoce y más curiosidades de su vida

‘La Liendra’ tiene dos hermanas que no conoce y más curiosidades de su vida

The influencer, who accumulates 6.1 million followers on Instagram. He shared some unknown data about his life through that social network. Without a doubt, what he revealed about his family was what drew the most attention.

First, Mauricio Gómez, real name of ‘La Liendra’, reopened a painful chapter in his story; which is the murder of his father, who was attacked with a firearm when he was barely three months old.

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“When it came out… like an awning! They left the cucho as a colander. […] If I hadn’t gotten sick, they wouldn’t have taken his life, but if he wasn’t the rat that he was, the thief and the bad man, they wouldn’t have taken his life. He was not a good person, he had enemies,” he said a couple of years ago.

What surprised his followers today is that the family of ‘La Liendra’ is larger than is known. According to him, his father was unfaithful to his mother and as a result of that relationship he has two sisters which, to this day, remains unknown.

“I have two sisters that I know exist, but that I don’t know. It turns out that my father was unfaithful to my mother and had two daughters with that person, “he narrated in his Instagram stories.

Likewise, the content creator wondered what his half-sisters would look like: “Will they also be little ears?”.

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Other curiosities of ‘La Liendra’

The influencer also said that Before having the nickname ‘La Liendra’, his friends and family called him ‘Cambo’. In fact, he pointed out that many still call him that.

In addition, he stated that his mother has never called me by my name. “She calls me ‘Cambo,’” she recounted.

Finally, he told his followers that he does not like to have a watch, chains, rings or any type of accessory because he feels uncomfortable having additional objects.