La modelo colombiana Carolina Guerra asegura que se enteró de su embarazo en un sueño

La modelo colombiana Carolina Guerra asegura que se enteró de su embarazo en un sueño

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Last December 24thColombian actress and model Carolina Guerra had her first child with British billionaire David Reuben Jr.

The actress known for participating in the Latin American version of the successful series “Grey’s Anatomy”, his performance in “With an open heart 2” and for starring in the film “The reader”, among many other productions, when she announced her pregnancy, she assured that “Only God” knew how much I dreamed “of being a mother and of the deep desire of my heart to contribute to making this world a little more beautiful than how I found it. Here between us, I pinch myself every 10 seconds to see if this is true…”.

The dream came true a few months ago and the actress has kept her followers informed of everything that happens with her baby, In one of her recent posts, the actress published a beautiful video with photographs in which she is seen Along with her inseparable friends Natalia Reyes and Olga Segura, who are also making their debut as mothers.

In the post that Carolina Guerra shared with her more than 500,000 followers, she wrote: “This is what the desired, longed for, dreamed motherhood looks like. As if the happiness for the arrival of my son were not already infinite, life gives us the immense gift of walking the adventure of our lives together. Friends, accomplices, sisters. So many years ago that acting brought the three of us together and here we are today BREAKING IT in the most important role of our lives. How proud I feel for God. I love them”.

This is how the actress continues saying: “When I say dream motherhood, it is literal. It turns out that Natalia called me one day and she tells me that she dreamed of me. In her dream I had taken her to Chocó and we were walking through the jungle, laughing and suddenly I say to her: “Nati, you are pregnant” and she replies “Yes? But you too Losty (so Nati tells me).” That’s where the dream ended, so Nati tells me on the phone: And well, I wanted to tell you that it’s true, I’m pregnant!”

She assures that at that moment she was driving her car and that she almost crashed with emotion. She assures that “the incredible thing” is that As in the dream, she “was also pregnant and had no idea. He was only about two weeks old. Add to that, that I found out about my own pregnancy also in a dream.”

Watch the video of Carolina Guerra with her friends Natalia Reyes and Olga Segura