la odisea con el visado de la estrella africana de la velocidad

The Kenyan Fernando OmaniAfrican record holder in the 100 meters and author of the third best world record of the year, has competed in the World Cup in Eugene just three hours after getting off the plane, which he joined at the last minute after solving the problems with his visa that had prevented from embarking on a journey in the preceding days. Omanyala, in fact, had already announced his resignation to compete in the World Cup, but late on Thursday the African finally got the necessary visa to enter the United States.

Omanyala has not been the only athlete with problems. In fact, the difficulties of many to obtain the visa has been the object of criticism towards the organization of the World Cup. The International Federation said they were “working with the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee on the visa allocation issue.” Some athletes, such as the Syrian high jumper Madj Ghazal, did not receive a visa in time to take part in their event.

Omanyala got off the plane and, almost without rest, moved to Hayward Field in Eugene, the scene of the 100-meter series during the afternoon session of the first day.

The Kenyan fell in the seventh, the last. Before, fred kerleyAuthor of the best mark of the season, he had exhibited with a time of 9.79, a record rarely seen in a first World Cup round. The African, without much effort, finished third in his series with a mark of 10.10, enough to get into the semifinals by places. Ahead of him were the Japanese Abdul Hakim Sani Brown (9.98) and the New Zealander Edward Osei-Nketia (10.08).

Kerley’s 9.79 also motivated the other American favorite, Trayvon Bromell, who stopped his time at 9.89, almost walking to the finish line. It was less easy Marcell JacobsOlympic champion in Tokyo. The Italian has arrived very fair in form, and it was noted. He was second in his heat with 10.04, but will also be in the semifinals.