La renovación que puede incendiar el vestuario del Manchester United

La renovación que puede incendiar el vestuario del Manchester United

the future of Paul Pogba still in the air. Although in recent weeks it has been taken for granted that the player will leave the manchester united At the end of this course (contract ends on June 30), the truth is that the English board is still working with the firm idea of ​​retaining him.

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In fact, an information daily mirror confirms today that the entity has already sent him a more than attractive proposal. The Red Devils They have promised him a salary that, including variables, could reach 600,000 euros a week (about €2 million per month). This amount would make him the second highest paid player in the club, only behind Cristiano Ronaldo.

The locker room threatens to riot

Waiting to see how the player and his environment react, what has already become clear is that the offer has not sat well with the rest of the dressing room members. The French teammates consider that Pogba does not deserve such an astronomical salary, since neither his performance is usually up to par nor has he been showing the best of commitments.

The news, which is also echoed by other media on the islands, goes one step further and adds that, if accepted by the midfielder, this proposal could even lead to some kind of riot within the locker room. Be that as it may, what is clear is that Lagny-sur-Marne will continue to generate a multitude of speculations in the coming weeks.