la verdad detrás de la famosa canción

la verdad detrás de la famosa canción

When the vallenato singer Patricia Teharán began to enjoy success, his voice died after he died in a car accident when he was only 25 years old.

The Cartagena woman began her career in 1988 when she was invited to be part of ‘Las musas del vallenato’, musical project made up solely of women and with whom he recorded three albums: ‘Con alma de mujer’, ‘Guerreras del amor’ and ‘Explosivas y sexys’.

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Although the young singer achieved some recognition with those productions, his fame exploded when he joined a new group called ‘Las goddesses del vallenato’ where he composed his first song entitled ‘Dueño de mi pasion’ for the album ‘Con aroma de mujer’, a discography that also included the song ‘Tarde lo conocí’.

With that song Patricia Teharán took her ‘goddesses’ to tour several countries and be number one on the main stations in Colombia and Venezuela. However, then the rumor arose that she had written those lyrics to dedicate them to a married man she had fallen in love with, but the truth of that song was that other one.

How the song ‘Tarde lo conocí’ by Patricia Teharán was born

The composition of that theme was not in charge of Patricia Teharán, nor was it written for a man. Omar Geles was the one who created it inspired by a woman and to be interpreted by another artist.

The song reached the coast after insisting for a long time to the former member of ‘Los Diablitos’ to write one for her. This is how Omar Geles decides that she should record it after ‘Beto’ Zabaleta decided not to include it on the album he released in 1994.

In a YouTube video, the composer of ‘I met him late’ is seen telling how everything happened. “It took us two months to record in Medellín and every day that I came to the studio there was that girl there at the door and she told me: ‘Omar, if you don’t give me a song, I won’t release my album’ ‘I don’t record’. And I told her: ‘Oh so pretty! but the thing is that I don’t have a woman’s song for a man, I have man’s songs for a woman”.

But, the vallenatero asked her for time to try to write something that she could sing. “I told her give me a few days and she told me: ‘ready tomorrow you’ll have it for me’, and I said nooo! And the next day she told me ‘Omar the song’ ‘have you done it yet?’, And I told her wait, I need several days and she again, ‘Omar, don’t be like that, I’m recording my album’”.

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“I was waiting for a response from Beto Zabaleta about this song, that I had recorded it for him, and I called him and he told me: ‘the song doesn’t work, it didn’t make it onto the album’”. Given this, Omar Geles came up with the idea of ​​making some changes and presenting it to the vocalist of ‘Las goddesses of vallenato. “I said, I’m going to get rid of her.”

The singer ended up being the producer of ‘Tarde lo conocí’ in the voice of Patricia Teharán, and also participated in the musicalization by playing the accordion.

This is the video in which Omar Geles tells how the song “Tarde lo conocí” was born.