“Las cosas se van a torcer”

The consumer goods sectorwhich brings together the main companies in the country in various fields, from food to household products, has been optimistic for this summer despite the fact that high inflation, the highest recorded in Spain in the last 37 years, has triggered prices and diminished the purchasing power of consumers.

During his participation this Monday in the third edition of the ‘Business Vision’ meeting, organized by PwC and Europa Press, Robert Fernandezthe partner responsible for the Retail and Consumption sector of PwC Spain, has opined with “a lot of caution and uncertainty” what consumption will be like after a summer campaign, which is expected to be “good”. “We come from an inertia that is good, because we have all gone through many hardships and hard years and we really want to consume“, It has been recognized.

“This summer will be good, but it is true that then things will go wrongbecause they are also putting the means to make it twist, since there is an intention that consumption slow down”, he lamented.

For his part, the general director of Aecoc, Jose Maria Bonmatihas also agreed that the prospects for this summer campaign are “good” in a scenario of “uncertainty” that makes it difficult to make forecasts for the future, since inflation “is impoverishing and eating up family savings”.

Government measures “very disappointing”

The large consumer sector, on the other hand, has considered “very disappointing” the measures announced by the Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchezduring the State of the Union Debate to tackle inflation, because he believes they are not addressing the root of the problems.

“We think the measures are very disappointing, because they don’t go to the root cause of the problem. They don’t fix problems. Companies are suffering enormously from an increase in costs and it is time to help them to be more competitive by lightening their loads”, assured BonmatĂ­, who added that “when there is a problem as relevant as the current one, we must attack the causes and not just act on the symptoms. “The great beneficiary of inflation is public income”has sentenced.

Fernández, for his part, has shared the need for the measures announced by the Government to “attack the causes” of the problem. “We will see if they work to the extent that they are capable of correcting the causes and roots of the problem”, he pointed out, recalling that the “Overregulation doesn’t help the sector either.”

In this way, the PwC partner sees “with concern” the intense regulatory burden that the mass consumption sector is suffering. “You have to find the meaning, its usefulness and the right time to do it. What you shouldn’t do is suffocate companies with regulations and try to help them get through this moment,” he reiterated.