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AirlineRating published the top of the best airlines this 2022. Australia’s air product rating agency looked at factors such as service, safety and innovation, passenger comfort and staff engagement.

We focus on leadership and airlines that innovate to make a real difference to the passenger experience“, highlights the editor of the publication in a statement.

AirlineRating highlighted that The best airline in the world is Qatar Airways.which stood out for its passenger service, as it was one of the few that continued to operate despite the pandemic, which was reflected in its profits.

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The list took into account the opinions of passengers.

Qatar Airways is being honored for its innovation, product and industry leadership, as well as its commitment to keeping the world’s critical long-haul air routes open for the past 30 months.“, says the publication.

In the second position is Air New Zealanda company that always stands out in listings of this type. According to AirlineRatings, it is the airline that has established the standard of excellence for its competition in recent years, thanks to the quality of its products and the service it provides to passengers.

Eithad Airways, from the United Arab Emirates, is the third best airline in the world for his leadership of the 787 Greenliner program, which seeks to find ways for boeing aircraft to reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions.

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The 20 best airlines in the world

1.Qatar Airways

2.Air New Zealand

3. Etihad Airlines

4. korean air

5. Singapore Airlines


7. Virgin Australia

8. Eva Air

9. Turkish Airlines

10. All Nippon Airways

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11. Cathay Pacific Airways

12. Virgin Atlantic

13. Japan Airlines

14.Jet Blue

15. Finnair

16. Emirates

17. Hawaiian

18. Air France/KLM

19. Alaska Airlines

20.British Airways

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