Las mejores ciudades del mundo para viajar este ao (y dos son espaolas)


Edinburgh heads the list of the 53 most interesting cities to mark a getaway in 2022. It is followed by Chicago, Medellin, Glasgow, Amsterdam or Prague. There is only one Spanish, Madrid, in 12th place, and Barcelona, ​​in 39th, are the Spanish representatives.

The colorful buildings of central Edinburgh.PHOTOGRAPHS: SHUTTERSTOCK
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The first is Edinburgh. For its architecture, its monuments, its views, its restaurants, its night leisureits promotion of culture and art, its open and tolerant character… These are the qualities of the Scottish capital that have earned it the title of best city in the world to discover during this 2022. Ranking of 53 destinations includes two Spaniards, Madrid, which ranks 12th, and Barcelona, ​​in 39th. Ahead are others such as Chicago, Medellin, Glasgow, Amsterdam, Prague, Marrakech, Berlin, Montreal and Copenhagen. These last top ten.

The complete list has been prepared by the leisure magazine Time is over, with edits in a hundreds of cities around the planetthat has interviewed more than 200,000 urbanites to find out their opinion about what is currently cooking in their places of origin.

Chicago is placed in the position
Chicago is placed in the number two position.

The objective of the report, which receives the name of waiting time indexis that every traveler knows first-hand how is life in the city to which it is directed. From the gastronomic offer to the trendy bars, through the exhibitions that cannot be ignored, the unmissable plays or the monuments that are worth seeing. The idea is above all to make a list with the places that the neighbors like so that it is a local tourism proposal.

Boats in El Retiro Park, Madrid
Boats in El Retiro Park, Madrid.ESMADRID

This is the first report carried out after the pandemic. Not in vain, the magazine, of British origin, does it every year, although during the last two it focused on analyzing chow the cities lived from day to day during lockdowns. So, community spirit and resilience were the most valued parameters.


1. Edinburgh.

2. Chicago.

3. Medellin.

4. Glasgow.

5. Amsterdam.

6. Prague.


8. Berlin.

9. Montreal.

10. Copenhagen

11. Cape Town

12. Madrid.

Now, on the other hand, the cities vibrate again with more force than ever, heading the list Edinburghwhose inhabitants think that the metropolis is beautiful (95%) while 93% believe that it is ideal to explore on foot, another aspect that is very taken into account by travellers.

Medellin occupies the number three position.

After the British city, follow the already mentioned Chicago, Medellin, Glasgow and Amsterdam, the five best to enjoy a getaway. Of the first, 96% of the local population positively values ​​its dining options, while 95% are delighted with the cultural and artistic scene. In Medellin, on the other hand, its nightlife stands out, the best of the 53 destinations evaluated. 97% of its citizens also say that they eat and drink very well.

From Glasgow to Melbourne

who travel to glasgow (listed among the “friendliest” places in the ranking), meanwhile, you have to check out SWG, the world’s first body-heated club, its two Michelin star restaurantsCail Bruich and Unalome, in addition to admiring its award-winning architecture. As to Amsterdam, tourists who come in August can enjoy festivals such as the Pride, that turn the Dutch capital into a party along the Canal Ring.

Summer day in Glasgow.

We already said that only one Spanish company, Madrid, would appear in the report, in position number 12. Well, what stands out the most about it is also the culinary and cultural offer (94% and 95% of respondents, respectively). The study also highlights the remodeling of the Plaza de España, one of the new tourist spots. Also, only 1% of its inhabitants say that the city is boring. Missing to talk about Barcelonawhich is in position 39, with its gastronomic, cultural and leisure proposals ready to attract the most demanding traveler.

To complete the international scene, ahead of Barcelona will be others such as Manchester, Porto, Melbourne, LyonLondon, Taipei, Melbourne or New York.

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