Las mejores escapadas que puedes hacer este fin de semana desde Barcelona — Código Nuevo

When you plan a weekend trip, the ideal is that it is not more than five or six hours away, so that you can take advantage of the time once you are at your destination.

If you take a walk through Instagram (as we know you usually do) you will see your contacts either in beautiful coves, or taking a walk through some streets that seem to be taken from Game of Thrones but in the middle of summer. You wonder how it can be that the whole world is already on vacation but, you should know, that Before those long-awaited weeks of rest, people take advantage of the weekends to go and disconnect for a few days outside the city. Ideally, these getaways are no more than five or six hours away, in order to make the most of the time in the chosen destination. For this reason, so that you can show off your getaway (and also get excited about the summer that is yet to come), we propose three getaways that you can do from Barcelona.

1. Caldes de Montbui

Three dream getaways from Barcelona

One of the closest destinations, it is only 30 kilometers from Barcelona and it is a thermal town that has (nothing more and nothing less) than the source with the hottest water in Europe. But not only has this. This destination has an old town, many good restaurants with local cuisine and forests where you will find trails along which you can also see its hot springs. The water flows from the Font del Lleó spout at 74 degrees and is what has made this town one of the most famous.

Without a doubt, you will be able to take advantage of long baths that will take away all the stress and contractures of the body and mind. You can do these baths in the public fountain or also in spaces specifically created for them with different types of full relaxation circuits. Nothing better than stroll through its historic quarter, stop for lunch and then spend the rest of the afternoon relaxing in the water. If you dare, in addition, after a good shower, the warm night of these hot days will be the best to end the evening. Ideal to go with a partner or with friends.

2. Treehouses

Three dream getaways from Barcelona

It seems that, based on the title, there are a thousand geographical points where you can spend the weekend in a cabin installed in a tree, but no. In Sant Hilari Sacalm, specifically in Girona, about 100 kilometers away, you will find this dream destination. In the year 2009 this magical environment of accommodation of cabins in the trees was born being the first in the country. The cabins are made of wood and are integrated into the entire mountain and forest landscape.

Each of them is different, some have outdoor Jacuzzis and others with fireplaces. Of course, in the cabins you will not find plugs to recharge your mobiles: it is a total disconnection. But hey, don’t panic, since there is a farmhouse where they are the showers, the plugs, private spas, massage room and even a swimming pool. Walking around the surroundings will not be a problem, there are also trails. Although, without a doubt, it is ideal to spend a festive romantic weekend with your sweetheart who can be another person or yourself.

3. Perpignan and surroundings

Three dream getaways from Barcelona

One of the most wonderful things about Barcelona is that France is less than three hours away. Crossing the border you can find French coastal and mountain destinations, whatever you fancy. We recommend Perpignan, it is true that it is not a dream place but it can be the base destination to enjoy what is around you.

From there you can go to Collioure, one of the most beautiful villages in the Mediterranean that is part of the Vermeal Coast: there are many narrow streets with colorful facades and a bay facing the sea that will make this place a perfect escape point. Another of the wonderful points around is Orgues d’Ille-sur-tet, they are natural formations of sand and clay that have been modeled due to erosion and rain. There are paths to explore them inside and be amazed by their size.