Liga BetPlay: Gabriel Meluk analiza los cuadrangulares semifinales – Fútbol Colombiano – Deportes

Now the real League begins. With the semi-final home run marathons that were raffled at night in the final third of prime time TV, just after the reality shows that command the audience on the open signal. Another logical blow of the modernity of football, because whoever puts the money, puts the conditions, and the idea is to have a greater potential audience.

As much as in these back-and-forth homers, once again, the tiebreaker factor is given in favor of the one who has finished better in the table (the invisible point, they say), because the League is seriously starting now and, As Sebastián Viera, the Junior captain, said a couple of months ago: “You know what the championship is like here: the important thing is to get into the eight. If you tell me that it is another championship, in which we must always be first, it goes, but not in this one”. Clear as clear water.

(In context: This is how the semi-final home runs of the League were)

The current moment of each team, key in the finals

In this context, it becomes vitally important at what point of the performance curve the classifieds arrive. Millionaires maintains his level, his regularity and his style of play. But it lacks defining power. Tolima looks very strong, as always, but has gone through the Libertadores matches. Junior, who also has to deal with the South American, has not found regularity in his away games. Perhaps he should play outside with the offensive premise with which he does it at home.

Millionaires and Nacional were in the same home run.


Nestor Gomez – TIME

By the way: Nacional seems to have gone on a vacation retreat to a spa in the last five dates (two losses, three draws) to clear cards and relax tensions. Last year he thought the same… but he became so relaxed that he fell into a deep sleep and couldn’t wake up!

DIM has the advantage of having a scorer-scorer and is a very competitive team. Of the three classified boys, Envigado and Equidad have the solidity of their teamwork (their greatest virtue) and the surprising Bucaramanga has an effective ‘attack’ pair in Sherman and Dayro. These three teams have nothing to lose. It is an advantage.

A detail that is not minor: the three that finished at the top of the table confirmed the old premise repeated, among others, by Gabriel Ochoa Uribe, the legendary coach who has the unbeatable record of most local league titles as DT with 13 stars won with annual tournaments: “The best defense…is a good defense!” Millionaires, the first, only allowed 11 goals; Tolima, the second, received 14, and Nacional, the third, received 15. They are the least defeated.

(In other news: League: this is the schedule of the semi-final homers)

Whoever makes the fewest mistakes has an advantage.

As a very short ‘new’ championship is being played, it is imperative to minimize the error. Any carelessness will end the work of four and a half months. On the surface, it is more ‘workable’ to avoid a defensive error. This is how the technicians have made it look under the principle of keeping zero in their own goal, to win by just hitting an option in the rival goal. In that framework, obviously, offensive errors take on a determining weight. Two recent examples: the Colombian National Team, eliminated from the World Cup due to definition errors and low efficiency; and the Millionaires of the last League, eliminated due to a penalty kick and the ‘quasi-goals’ that their star striker ate.

That’s why it usually happens that in these short definitions or playoffs the matches come out very close, because as Viera already said, you already know what the championship is like here.

Meluk tells him…

Gabriel Meluk
Sports Editor