Liga BetPlay protesta de los jugadores en la fecha 20 comunicado Acolfutpro | Futbol Colombiano | Liga Betplay

The BetPlay 2022-I League is in its definition stage. Date 20, scheduled to be played simultaneously, had a slight delay in certain commitments. The players began the commitments, but they remained quiet on the court for a long time.

After this, ACOLFUTPRO (Colombian Association of Professional Soccer Players) released a statement, where they show their disagreement and treatment, in the face of certain situations that have occurred in recent times in Colombian professional soccer.

The statement begins “We professional soccer players in Colombia exercise our fundamental right to protest to express our disagreement because “.

They expose three points, in which they emphasize “Despite the fact that we are the main protagonists of the show, we have not participated in the decisions that are made around football, a right that has been appropriated exclusively by the managers. To build a better football for all we need to be heardyes.”

We want to have a voice and a vote in the approval of regulations and calendars, since these continue to affect our rest periods and vacations due to the excessive number of games“.

We are still waiting for our petitions, presented since 2019, to be negotiated. Collective bargaining benefits all of us who are part of the football industry and we need to have clear rules, which are agreed between managers and footballers“.

Matches such as Pereira vs. Bucaramanga, Once Caldas vs. Santa Fe, Tolima vs. Envigado, among others, were delayed in their start, despite trying to get them all to start at the same time.