Liga Betplay ultima fecha: clasificados y minuto a minuto de la jornada | Futbol Colombiano | Liga Betplay


1. Millionaires 42 pts | +12 damage
2.Tolima 40 points | +14 damage

3. National 37 points | +12 damage
4. Medellin 34 points | +6 damage

5. Envigado 33 pts | +2 damage
6. Junior 32 points | +9 damage

7. Equity 31 pts | +5 damage
8. Bucaramanga 29 points | +2 damage

It ends in Ibagué: Tolima tied at one with Envigado and closed the championship in second place.
Ends in Rionegro: Águilas Doradas was eliminated after drawing two with Cortuluá.
Ends in Barranquilla: Junior lost 2-4 with Jaguares, which did not reach him despite the victory.
Ends in Medellin: DIM beat Deportivo Pasto 1-0.

Tolima goal: El Pijao manages to tie the duel against Envigado in the last play of the match. Both from Anderson Plata, but Tolima does not recover the lead.

Ends in Bogota: Equidad defeated Nacional 1-0 and qualified for the finals.
End in Manizales: Once Caldas and Santa Fe tied at two and both were eliminated.
Ends in Pereira: Bucaramanga won 0-3 at Pereira and qualified for the finals.
Ends in Bogota: Millonarios won 1-0 and is the leader of the League; Alianza Petrolera was eliminated.

Junior wastes penalty: After an indisputable maximum penalty, Fernando Uribe took charge of the charge, but he made a mistake in the definition. Jaguares continues to win at the Metro by 2-4.

Bucaramanga goal: The Leopard gets into the home runs. Dayro Moreno sealed the 0-3 in Pereira at minute 88 and due to goal difference he stole the eighth place from Alianza Petrolera.

Golden Eagles goal: The team from Antioquia manages to tie the game against Cortuluá, thanks to Mateo Puerta’s goal at minute 85.

Jaguars goal: At minute 81, Duván Rodríguez scores to almost complete the victory of the Montería team in their visit to Junior (2-4). The shark remains sixth.

Cortuluá goal: The Valle del Cauca team takes advantage again in Rionegro. Goal by Luis Carlos Ruíz for the 1-2 defeat of Águilas Doradas that reaffirms their elimination.

Goal of Once Caldas: The joy does not last long for the Lion. Juan David Pérez scores the tie at minute 76 and for now both teams are out of the finals.

Santa Fe goal: Cardinal comeback in three minutes. Wilson Morelo scores his second goal of the night at 74′ to seal the 1-2 comeback in Manizales. For now the Léon gets into the 8.

Santa Fe goal: The cardinal team dreams thanks to Wilson Morelo’s goal in the 71st minute. A tie with Once Caldas and León need one more goal to get into the finals.

Bucaramanga goal: Michel Acosta scores the second goal for Leopardo at Pereira’s home (70′). With the victory by two goals, Bucaramanga approaches the classification. You need another.

Goal action annulled to Once Caldas: Ayron del Valle scores from a rebound in the 62nd minute, but the line judge annulled it for offside and the VAR confirmed it. Santa Fe continues to lose 1-0 in Manizales.

Jaguars goal: The feline takes the lead again in the Metropolitan at minute 64. He wins 2-3 thanks to both Pablo Rojas and Junior drops to the third lot in the table (6th).

Medellin goal: The team from Antioquia opens the account at the Atanasio thanks to a goal from Luciano Pons (63′). The DIM gets into the second batch of the table (4th) and removes the Junior.

Goal action annulled for Santa Fe: Matías Mier scores at minute 60, but due to misplacement and a previous hand, everything is annulled. Once Caldas continues to win 1-0.

Santa Fe had it: Finish off the post that drowns the cardinal tie. Once Caldas continues to win 1-0 at Palogrande. The Lion needs to turn it around to get into home runs.

Goal action annulled for Golden Eagles: Both of Jonathan Agudelo that is annulled, the VAR reviewed and revalidated the decision. The tie at one with Cortuluá continues.

Junior goal: the shark box matches the duel with Jaguares (2-2) thanks to Daniel Giraldo’s goal. With the point, Junior returns to the second lot in the table and the visitor says goodbye to the finals.

Goal action annulled to Santa Fe: At minute 48 the cardinal had it at the hands of Carlos Sánchez, but his goal was invalidated. Once Caldas continues to win 1-0.



It ends in Bogotá: Equidad partially defeats Nacional 1-0 thanks to Francisco Chaverra’s score.
Ends in Barranquilla: Junior falls partially 1-2 with Jaguares with goals from Uribe, Rohas and Arroyo.
Ends in Rionegro: Partial equality between Águilas Doradas and Cortuluá with goals from Marrugo and Murillo.
End in Manizales: Once Caldas partially defeated Santa Fe 1-0 with a score by Fainer Torijano.
Ends in Bogota: Millonarios partially defeated Alianza Petrolera 1-0 with a goal by Eduardo Sosa.
Ends in Medellin: Partial zero equality between DIM and Pasto.
Ends in Ibagué: Tolima partially loses 0-1 with Envigado, both by Jesús Hernández.
Ends in Pereira: Bucaramanga partially wins 1-0 with a goal from Dayro Moreno.

Problems in Junior: Second injured so far in the match. Enrique Serje withdraws with physical problems and Pacheco will enter in his place.

Equity Goal: The insurance team opens the account against Nacional thanks to Francisco Chaverra’s goal. With the partial victory, he assures himself in home runs, while the green says goodbye to being seeded.

Bucaramanga goal: Dayro Moreno brings Leopardo to life with his goal for the 0-1 partial victory in his visit to Pereira. He needs to improve his goal difference to get into the 8.

Envigado’s goal: the orange team takes the lead at the Murillo Toro (0-1) with a goal from Jesús Hernández. Envigado gets into the second batch of the League and Tolima complicates its leadership even more.

Penalty for Envigado: Foul against Yaser Asprilla and it is difficult for Deportes Tolima to regain the lead.

Millionaires Goal: The ambassador team takes the lead with Eduardo Sosa’s goal at minute 38. With this result, they are the leader of the League. Alliance is still within 8.

Goal of Once Caldas: the Manizaleño team dreams of qualifying thanks to Fainer Torijano’s goal at minute 29. Santa Fe gets complicated, losing 1-0.

Without VAR in Ceiling: Technical problems make it impossible for the central judge to have the video tool for the Equity vs. National duel.

Expulsion in Millionaires: Orlando Rojas, Alberto Gamero’s assistant, is expelled by Wilmar Roldán.

Jaguars goal: Andrés Arroyo turns it around in the Metropolitano (1-2) at minute 28. With this result, Junior could lose the second batch of classification, he is at the mercy of not adding the DIM.

Jaguars goal: Pablo Rojas from the penalty spot scores at minute 24 the partial 1-1 against Junior de Barranquilla. A small light opens for the feline.

Goal action annulled to Once Caldas: Despite Mender García’s goal, the VAR canceled everything due to a prior foul. The duel against Santa Fe continues at zero.

Junior’s goal: After an extensive review of the VAR, Fernando Uribe’s goal was validated (1-0). Jaguares with this says goodbye to home runs.

Junior’s goal in review: Fernando Uribe scored in the 15th minute, but the line judge invalidated the action for offside. Check the VAR.

Problems in Junior: Luis ‘Cariaco’ González requests the change at minute 11 due to physical problems. Zero tie with Jaguares.

Golden Eagles goal: The team from Antioquia matches the actions against Cortuluá (1-1) with a goal from Christian Marrugo and revives in its fight for classification.

Cortuluá goal: The team from Valle del Cauca took the lead after three minutes with a score from Guillermo Murillo (1-0) and took away the chances of Águilas Doradas to qualify.


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