Lista de los países a los que puedes viajar sin pasaporte peruano

Lista de los países a los que puedes viajar sin pasaporte peruano

List of countries you can travel to without a Peruvian passport. (Photo: Capture)

if you are planning go on a trip out of the country for several days, one of the recommendations to all travelers is that you need to have at hand all the documents that do not hinder your transit. Added to this is to check the date of expiration of your ID and passportalthough being in the midst of the pandemic caused by COVID-19, the authorities have presented a series of flexibilities that allow us to continue using them for a specific season.

For those who are missing one of the documents travel requirementsIt is important to carry out the correct procedure. In the case of the National Identity Document, go to the Reniec offices or complete the process online. On the other hand, if you need to update your passport, you have to do it at the Migration offices.

Can I get my passport at Jorge Chavez Airport? Yes, this service is provided to passengers with a scheduled trip within 24 hours. The Electronic Passport issuance office is located in the international flights area where the Immigration staff attends 24 hours a day. This is a help so you don’t miss your flight.

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To all those who wish jet off and they do not want to carry out the passport process, There are some official destinations that you can access only with your ID. Find out what they are so you can plan your adventure.


According to official information from the Peruvian government, for tourism, there are countries to which you can travel only with your National Identity Document, thanks to international agreements signed by Peru.

There are currently 8 countries you can travel to:

Bolivia, Colombia and Ecuador. Thanks to agreements of the Andean Community of Nations (CAN) that allow travel between Peru and these countries without the need for a visa or passport.

[Para viajar a los países de la Comunidad Andina necesitas la Tarjeta Andina de Migración (TAM) que es un documento de control migratorio y estadístico, obligatorio para ingresar y salir del territorio de los países de la CAN. Recibirás este documento al momento de ingresar a cualquier país andino, debes llevarla contigo durante el viaje y entregarla a las autoridades migratorias al momento de salir del país].

Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay. Thanks to bilateral agreements that exonerate the use of a passport on tourist trips.

Pay attention to these recommendations before traveling. Credits: Jorge Chávez Airport Tiktok.

ATTENTION! Remember that when a minor child or adolescent travels, it is necessary to have a Travel Authorization for a minor.


Which are the requirements? You need your DNI in good condition and without any electoral fine. If it is the case of loss or theft of the document, an affidavit must be presented. You must check the option if you want to carry out the procedure in person or through MAC Centers.


1. Check the available dates: enter the Online Appointment System and select the option “See next available dates”. There you can review the list of locations nationwide and their available dates to schedule your appointment.

2. Payment is S/ 98.60 for the right to issue a passport. You can pay it through pay with code 01810. Also by any Banco de la Nación agency or Multired agent.

3. Make your date: Enter the Online Appointment System to schedule your appointment. You must enter your personal information or that of the family member or friend who is going to process the passport, the receipt number, verification code and payment date that appear on the voucher. You must select the Migration office where you want to get your passport, choose the date and time available for the appointment.

4. Go to the appointment: come with your ID and receipt of payment. You must show proof of appointment or screenshot to be served faster. The procedure is face-to-face since you must confirm your identity and take a photo for your passport.

5. Photo taking: They will take a photo of you for your passport. This is according to international standards for biometric identification.

6. Passport collection: the delivery is made the same day of the appointment after meeting all the requirements. If for any reason you cannot pick up your passport, you have 60 days to do it at the office where the procedure was done. If the passport is not collected within that period, it will be destroyed and you will have to process a new one.

Do not lose the desire to travel.  These are the countries you can travel to without a passport.  Photos: Government of Peru.
Do not lose the desire to travel. These are the countries you can travel to without a passport. Photos: Government of Peru.


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