Lo que se sabe de la final de El Desafío The Box – Publimetro Colombia

The Box Challenge is one of the most watched programs on Colombian nights, because viewers love to see how these participants with all the qualities and abilities, manage to pass each test.

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In every competition, it’s natural for fans to pick and choose who they support and who they don’t, whether it’s because of their talent when it comes to presenting an event, or simply because they like their personality. Now that little by little the reality show is ending and Only the best are left, many wonder who will win?

For this reason, those who do have permission to use phones in full competition have answered some questions. Andrea Serna and Gabriela Tafur are the hosts of the program, which is why many of the fans have turned to them to know a little more about how the competition progresses.

On a past occasion, Gabriela revealed how the recordings were being carried out. One of the questions was how long the test lasted, to which she replied that it could last hours and hours and hoursespecially in the red box, because it was about points, adding that he had great appreciation for all the participants for all the time they shared.

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Now it was the turn of Andrea Sernasince they have asked her if the final part of El Desafío has already been recorded, to which she replied Look, I’m dedicated…” moving it from left to right.

There is no need to ask a lot because the final is coming and soon, through the votes of Colombians, the answer will be. Many in social networks already have their candidates to win the season.