Los jugadores de la Selección Colombia de los noventa que murieron en tragedias

Los jugadores de la Selección Colombia de los noventa que murieron en tragedias

The Colombian National Team suffers a painful loss again after the death of Freddy Eusebio Rincón, that prodigious midfielder who became famous for scoring against Germany in the 1990 World Cup in Italy. “Colombia is coming, my God” is the remembered narration by William Vinasco that frames a glorious afternoon for the national team in the history of its participation in the orbital event.

That team had among its ranks great living legends such as Carlos Alberto Valderrama, René Higuita, Arnoldo Iguarán, among others, but it also had some who have already said goodbye to this earthly plane.

goodbye to the gentleman

The first and one of the most traumatic for the footballers themselves was that of Andrés Escobar, renowned central defender of the National Team and Atlético Nacional. After the 1994 World Cup, in which the gentleman scored an own goal against the United States, the reprehensible fact took place.

Days after returning to the country, while he was near a restaurant in Medellín, he got into an argument with two people linked to paramilitarism and drug trafficking in the city of Medellín. According to the investigation, the driver of the subjects got out of another vehicle and unloaded his weapon against Escobar.

Public opinion was left with the version that the reason for his death had been the own goal in 1994, but the real reason why he was killed in his beloved capital of Antioquia was never proven.

The Flight of the Pigeon

The second to say goodbye was striker Albeiro Usuriaga, precisely the one who qualified the National Team for Italy 90 with the goal in the Metropolitano de Barranquilla against Israel in the playoff. Although Francisco Maturana decided not to include him in the list of those who traveled to Italian territory, his role was essential for the Tricolor to return to the World Cup after 28 years without doing so.

In the night hours of February 11, 2004, Colombia was shaken by the murder of Palomo in the city of Cali, the same city that saw him flourish in football with the América de Cali jersey. While he was chatting with friends at a local business, A hit man approached him and shot him several times, ending his life immediately.

The versions about his death were varied, as some reports indicated threats against his family; however, the investigations concluded that the crime had been ordered by the head of a criminal gang. “Someone called to threaten him with death. My daughter knows about that call, but I think she was not able to comment on anything to Albeiro, “said the soccer player’s mother in statements collected by The clarin.

Farewell to the Colossus

The last to join this tragic list was Freddy Rincón, who died on April 13 at the Imbanaco Clinic in Cali, as a result of a car accident aboard a Ford truck. On Monday the 11th, around 4:33 am, the car ran a red light and collided head-on with a public transport bus.

Freddy was immediately transferred to the nearest health center with serious injuries and “severe head trauma” from which he was unable to recover.

The illusion of a miraculous recovery was kept alive until the sixth medical statement from the clinic confirmed the death. “In the presence of his relatives and with his full authorization, it is permissible to report that despite all efforts, Freddy Rincón has died,” said doctor Laureano Quintero.

“We want to express our sincere condolences to his family, friends and relatives and his followers around the world. There will never be a way to express what it feels like to lose one of our patients, whoever this patient is, we ask everyone to honor and praise the life of Freddy Eusebio”, added the Imbanaco Clinic spokesperson.