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If you are a lover of readingdid you know that there are certain books that promote socio-cognitive processes and therefore make those who read them more intelligent? According to a study, the type of text that someone can read suggests that they develop their intelligence more than others.

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Next, we detail what are the works that, according to science, influence the development of a person’s intelligence.


Depending on the type of literary genre that a person reads, he or she will be able to develop certain higher cognitive abilities than the rest, as pointed out by a study by Emanuele Castano, from the University of Trento and the National Research Council of Italy, published in plus one.

According to “The Effect of Exposure to Fiction on Attributional Complexity, Egocentric Bias, and Accuracy in Social Perception,” those who like the fiction genre will develop their social cognition in different ways, as it will be associated with greater attributional complexity and accuracy in predicting social attitudes.

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Reading does not help interpret or understand some kind of context or story that is presented to us in a work (Photo: Freepik)

Literary fiction vs. popular fiction

The author points out that any type of fiction has an impact on what we think about the world, but that he analyzed “the ways in which fiction shapes our way of thinking”.

“The original work, published with my former student David Kidd in the journal Science, showed that not all fiction shapes how we think in the same way. We distinguish between literary fiction (eg, Don Delillo, Jonathan Franzen, Alice Munroe) and popular fiction (eg, Dan Brown, Tom Clancy, Jackie Collins), and show that it is by reading literary fiction that you improve your reading skills. read minds: is better at inferring and representing what other people think, feel, their intentions, etc.”pointed to psypost.

Likewise, he indicated that by broadening his spectrum of variables, he observed how we developed arguments about the two types of fiction and their role in society. Thus, it was determined that literary fiction is active because it causes readers to produce their own perspectives by involving multiple complex characterswhile popular fiction is passive because it provides meanings for readers in advance and is more concerned with plot than with characters.

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The habit of reading increases reading comprehension (Photo: Freepik)
The habit of reading increases reading comprehension (Photo: Freepik)

In summary

Those who read literary fiction presented better cognitive and social skills, because according to Castano the readers of these books improve their “mind-reading skills”, helping them to deduce and discover many things and different points of view throughout the novel.

Although this genre presents a more complex work for the mind, the author specifies that this does not mean that it is better than the other, since both are essential, said Castano.

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Children should be taught the habit of reading from an early age (Photo: Freepik)
Children should be taught the habit of reading from an early age (Photo: Freepik)