Los madrileños huyen en tren en busca del mar

The one of the vehicles collapsing the exits of Madrid Every early summer fortnight is a scene that is almost as emblematic of the capital as that of El Rastro, crowded every Sunday of the year. This time, moreover, July 15 has coincided with the beginning of the weekend that has led the people of Madrid to flee from the heat wave that has continued to plague the entire region for almost a week and that has no forecasts of going to be over soon.

But this holiday start has not only left its mark on the roads. The people of Madrid have also chosen the train to get around, something that is not surprising given the price of fuel and the strikes initiated by different airlines. Thus, during the day yesterday, a considerable increase in the influx of travelers could be verified in the Madrid railway stations: thousands of people escorted by their suitcases and destined for different points of the Peninsula.