Los mejores consejos tecnológicos para evitar sustos en tus viajes de verano

During vacation and travel times, many look for technology that makes their transit easier. Or even make it possible. We are not talking about buying a Bluetooth speaker to listen to music outdoors or a phone that can withstand splashes in case we go to the beach. The possibilities go much further.

One of the first things that can cause headaches for more than one, especially if you are going to drive a vehicle for long distances, is the accuracy of the GPS. Especially the phones. This is not as good as many would like, as they have up to 10 meters of error margin.

The accuracy of some phone GPS is not always ideal for driving


Hell if we have to take a detour in a busy area. To improve this, the ideal is for the GPS to be able to connect with as many satellites as possible, as we already had at the time. That is why it is convenient that it has dual GPS technology (also called dual band).

This allows you to connect to more satellites because it does not only depend on those of the GPS network, which increases accuracy. Therefore, if you drive and are going to renew your phone, keep this feature in mind.

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AirTag, Apple's location tag

Another scare that we can avoid on our trips is that of losing something that we carry with us. Oversights multiply when we are traveling in environments that we do not know. So it can be easy to lose things like a suitcase or backpack.

For this, there are numerous small devices that we can store anywhere to find our belongings, either due to forgetfulness or even theft. Apple airtags are especially cool, but they require being linked to an Apple device.


TIle bluetooth tracker family.

Other sources

For those who use Android devices, there are very similar products such as the Samsung Galaxy SmartTag or TileMate. Of these latest locators, by the way, there are several versions, some have advanced functions that may be attractive to some. In its Pro version, Bluetooth has a range of more than 100 meters.

An option for those who do not want to buy a new device may be to resort to an old phone that we have forgotten in a drawer. If it is an Android device or an iPhone, it will have a search option that can be very useful if we provide it with a sim card. For example, if it is stored in the glove compartment of a car, it will allow us to find it from another phone.

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The Wiko Power U30 has a battery that lasts up to four days without charging.

More headaches for travel: not being close enough to a plug to recharge a phone, a computer or any other electronic device. There are countless small batteries that can help you. But their power limits them to the devices that consume the least energy. Like a phone or a tablet.

For devices that require more power, high-power batteries and solar panels are ideal. Manufacturers like EcoFlow are specialized in these products, necessary when we want to camp in the middle of nature and want to use digital or electrical devices. Although these are not small devices, some high-power batteries and solar panels are portable enough to be taken to many places with some ease.

Inserting the SIM card into a mobile device

Many times the best option to use the Internet in other countries is to buy a prepaid sim card


Another thing that can cause some concern is the search for connectivity for our phones when we travel to another country. If our roaming plan includes data in the place where we travel, perfect. But if our operator charges us for the use of the Internet, it is most likely profitable to buy a prepaid sim card in the country to which we travel.

Although what these offer depends on each nation, in many cases it is cheaper to use these than the rates of our operator. In fact, it may be convenient that the first thing we do is buy a card as soon as we arrive at the airport and activate it. Here it is explained how to configure our WhatsApp account with another phone number, the one that does not assign the sim card.

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There may be hidden cameras in any corner of the room

One of the great concerns when we go on a trip is the security of our habitual residence. If we do not want to make a large outlay, we can buy a cheap surveillance camera or have a system of smart plugs. These allow, for example, to remotely activate the house lights at the times that we indicate.

But there are even more imaginative solutions so that no one thinks that our house is empty. If we use a cleaning robot we can activate it from time to time at maximum power. Its sound will suggest that there is someone in the house. Some even have cameras, as is the case with the Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra, which allow you to see what is happening at home through the application.

The Sonos Roam can be easily carried in a backpack without taking up much space.

The Sonos Roam can be easily carried in a backpack without taking up much space.

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Finally, we start this article by talking about buying a bluetooth speaker and a waterproof phone. A good option for the former is the Sonos Roam, which works via bluetooth. But also via Wi-Fi, this allows you to stream music with much higher quality, and can be paired with other Sonos speakers around the house for better sound. So it is not just a device to use when we travel.

Regarding submersible and drop-resistant phones, those of the Cat brand are interesting. They are designed to withstand almost everything. There are those that are relatively cheap, and are designed to be used as a phone for travel or risky situations, and others with greater power designed to be our daily phone.