Los nuevos requisitos para los colombianos que quieran viajar a México | Colombia

Los nuevos requisitos para los colombianos que quieran viajar a México | Colombia

Starting this April, all Colombians who wish to travel to Mexico and enjoy their vacations in that country must fill out a digital form (mandatory) that will be required upon entry. The goal is to make a mandatory pre-registration with which the Mexican immigration authorities will decide whether or not to authorize the entry.

The measure was jointly agreed between the Foreign Ministry of Colombia and Mexico after learning of dozens of complaints by several nationals, who manifested abuse and mistreatment by the Mexican immigration authorities where many travelers lost not only their tickets, but the accommodation payment and other investments they had made. The vice president and chancellor, Martha Lucía Ramírez, explained the process.

“In such a way that if there is any reason for the immigration authorities not to admit it, they will be notified here in Colombia, before getting on the plane, and we will prevent what has happened during the last year and a half from happening and that is, when they arrive in Mexico, they are admitted, they lose their hotel package, their tickets and all the effort that several families had made for spending a few days of tourism in Mexico,” he said.

to take into account

In the web portal, the Mexican Government requires contact information in the country of origin and destination. You must have your valid passport. In the same way, you must present a reservation of the place where you are going to stay or proof of address. Keep in mind that they will also ask for your exit ticket and travel itinerary.

After filling out the form, you must be aware of your email where they will send you a QR code that must be presented in print to the immigration officer upon arrival in Mexico.