los objetos que no puede llevar en su equipaje de mano en un avión

los objetos que no puede llevar en su equipaje de mano en un avión

It is necessary to bear in mind that when buying a plane trip, You must check the number of suitcases and the weights allowed for them on the ticket that is purchased, since its price usually varies depending on the options chosen.

However, sometimes, many travelers are not clear about the objects that they cannot carry in their hand luggage and, for that reason, at the security filter to enter the boarding lounges, they have to get rid of some objects.

What is a Baggage hand?

Hand luggage is everything that can be carried on a plane without having to be sent to the hold. Likewise, everything that can be accommodated under the chair or in the compartments that are located above it, in accordance with Avianca.

What is the weight and size of hand luggage?

The suitcases that are considered as hand luggage must comply with specific weights and measures:

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Maximum measurements: 55 centimeters high x 35 centimeters long x 25 centimeters wide.

Maximum weight: between 10 and 12 kilograms.

However, it is recommended to check the website of each airline to verify the corresponding measures.

What items can’t I carry in my hand luggage?

They may not carry the following items:

1. Scissors.

2. Scalpel.

3. Explosives.

4. Nail clippers.

5. Batteries.

6. Corkscrew.

7. Lighters.

8. Matches.

9. Compressed gas.

10. Firearms.

11. Syringes and needle.

12. Bleaches.

13. Knives.

14. Acids.

15. Knitting needles and/or sticks.

16. Poison.

17. Blades and razors.

18. Flammable liquids

19. Liquids and gels that go in hand luggage must be packed in sealed transparent bagsnormally, the container cannot exceed 100 milliliters on most airlines.

Remember that the information may vary according to the airline with which you travel, so it is advisable to check the conditions of your luggage before packing your bags.