Los Salinas disfrutan de sus vacaciones de verano

Through her networks, the beautiful daughter of Ricardo Salinas Pliego and Ninfa Sada Garza has shared some postcards worth framing in which her three children are seen: Ninfa Eugenia and Rodrigo, enjoying the landscapes of Saint Tropez with their cousins.

The grandchildren of Ricardo Salinas Pliego appreciate the landscape of the French paradise

In addition, the businesswoman and assiduous reader posted an image that accompanies the word “family” in which her father is seen with his wife María Laura Medina and his brothers Benjamín and Hugo Salinas Sada accompanied by Fernanda Castillo and Christianne Miguel, their respective wives.

In this photograph, which was taken with the intention of showing off a bit of the pariah landscape, the presence of the new generation of this family, the grandchildren of the president of Grupo Salinas, also stands out. However, the great absentees are Ricardo Emilio, Cristóbal Patricio and Mariano. Mateo, the children of the second marriage of Salinas Pliego.

Ninfa Salinas with Eugenia, Ninfa and Rodrigo Ripstein

Although very reserved, Ninfa sometimes enjoys sharing moments with the children she had during her marriage to Rodrigo Ripstein and on this occasion in her stories you can see how big and handsome the three of them are and how much they enjoy being together. with their loving mother who has spoiled them with ice cream.