Los Simpsons: personajes memorables que solo aparecieron una vez – Cine y Tv – Cultura

Los Simpsons: personajes memorables que solo aparecieron una vez - Cine y Tv - Cultura

33 years on the air and 721 episodes later, ‘The Simpsons’ is one of the most viewed, cited and remembered series in the world. Gifs with some of his scenes spread through social networks, and a simple frame is enough for Internet users to know that there is a joke or a joke there without saying anything else.

The impact of this series that portrays the typical American family is undeniable. Not only because they even say that it ‘predicts’ events in the future, but because it has permeated at least two generations of viewers.

While ‘The Simpsons’ is immediately recognizable by its main characters, the family that gives the series its name also has a cast of secondary characters, such as ‘Mr. Burns’ or ‘Moe’, who inspire love, hate and ridicule. .

However, also there are some characters that appeared only once in the series and are still remembered by viewers.

These characters, who are not even real people, although some resemble famous people, went down in history in the collective memory of many. Here are some of them.

Hank Scorpio

He appears to be a cool boss, but he has a dark personality.


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The life of the Simpson family could easily have been completely different if Homer had stayed in the job offered by the memorable Hank Scorpio.

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When Homer joined Globex Corporation, his entire family moved to another city, in a house with greater wealth and unsurpassed benefits.

Scorpio was the perfect boss: handsome, understanding, flexible, and funny. But behind that facade, A terrorist capable of controlling even the decisions of the United Nations was hiding with a couple of threats.

His most memorable scene was the one with a flamethrower and a maniacal laugh.

shary coils

The Simpson

It is a parody of the babysitter Mary Poppins from the Disney movie.


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This character was made as a reference to Disney’s magical nanny ‘Mary Poppins’ to go in to rescue Marge from exhaustion and stress in an episode in which she can’t handle so much.

He appeared in the eighth season, and the success of this character is likely due to the cultural reference he made to the Poppins character.

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This skit is still remembered by viewers to this day, as his initial appearance had helped Marge, but then his presence became annoying to the Simpson children.

Her time in the series was cut short when in the episode it is seen in the background how she is killed by strange subjects in suits.

frank grimes

The Simpson

His inability to demonstrate Homer’s mediocrity made him so funny.


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This character appeared in the episode ‘The Enemy of Homer’, and was accomplished as the nuclear plant worker who hates Homer the most for his laziness and apparent incompetence.

He constantly seeks to show others how useless the protagonist of ‘The Simpsons’ is, and He doesn’t understand why he’s the only one who seems to notice that detail.

He fascinated viewers, in part because he tried to make clear what was clear to audiences: Homer working in a nuclear plant is inexplicable.

Grimes’ time in the series is short, only a little over 20 minutes in an episode, because in the end he dies trying to prove Homer’s stupidity.

rex banner

When a Prohibition Law is established in Springfield, Homer decides to start producing homemade alcohol and selling it as contraband. Thanks to his little adventure in illegality, he must face Rex Banner, a United States Treasury official.

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Homer received the fearsome nickname ‘The Beer Baron’ for flooding the streets of Springfield with home-brewed rum and other spirits. This character reminded Elliot Ness, the role immortalized by the movie ‘The Untouchables’, who managed to apprehend Al Capone.

Jessica Joy

The Simpson

He also appears as a robot in another episode.


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Thirty years may pass, but the emotion of seeing Bart with his first girlfriend will never be erased.: Jessica Alegría, Reverend Alegría’s daughter, who is apparently a sweet and nice girl. However, it quickly becomes clear that behind her smile and lilac dress hides a Machiavellian girl.

She was expelled from her school for throwing a Molotov cocktail, stole alms money in church and framed Bart and even joined the Jones gang. In the end, she confesses that she did all those things because her father didn’t give her the attention she wanted.

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