Los viajes de Mimi Pabón y Jacky Fontánez

Los viajes de Mimi Pabón y Jacky Fontánez

The models and presenters Jackie Fontanez and Mimi Pabon, In addition to sharing similarities in the media, they coincide as friends in the passion for traveling.

Both – together or separately – frequently share with their followers their adventures in different destinations and how they have discovered new cultures. Pabón travels more often than Fontánez, as documented on his social networks. The model has made alliances with agencies and travel agents that have allowed her to fly to other destinations regularly.

In fact, Pabón said that since 2008, when she traveled to Japan for the first time, she decided to be a frequent traveler. Being an influencer, she shares her experiences on social networks.

“In 2008 I traveled to Japan and from there I became addicted to traveling the world. Meeting so many different people, understanding their culture, their religions, their way of being, trying their delicacies, listening to their music and hearing from themselves the history of their country are some of the wonders of traveling. Even today I do not have a favorite destination, I like them all and I would return to all of them, they all have their charm and they all offer something beautiful”, he wrote in a town last year on his social networks.

Last year the mother of little Ricardo Reyes also took a dream trip to discover Turkey. She also returned to Greece.

Between elephants, temples and water

This time, the two models undertook a trip together last week to Thailand and Indonesia.

Pabón had already been to the beautiful country. Judging by the photos and short videos, the friends have really enjoyed their adventure. The first stop was in New York.

The presenters arrived a week ago in the city of Bangkok, capital of Thailand.

The models, who on other trips have visited destinations such as Dubai and Paris, visited temples in Thailand and explored the culture of the country.

They stayed in a hotel that allowed them to be close to the elephants and feed them. The models are accompanied by two other Puerto Rican friends.

The host of the program “El What’s Up” of The New 94.7 FM she was a little scared of the elephants, but then she went over to them.

Fontanez was able to get close to a tiger at the Tiger Kingdom Chiang Mai in the city of Mae Rim.

Today the Puerto Rican presenters are in Bali, as published in their stories on Instagram.