Lucas Arnau fue dado de alta después de cinco cirugías

Lucas Arnau fue dado de alta después de cinco cirugías

A real illness suffered by the singer Lucas Arnau after leaving the clinic where he was hospitalized for a bacterium that seriously affected his body.

It all started when the singer underwent a knee transplantafter a 12-year-old boy died and his family donated his organs. However, a problem arose.

A bacterium affected the wound and he had to undergo surgical treatment to open the suture, clean it and insert a drain, but the procedure was not enough and the situation got complicated.

As a result of that, the singer has undergone 5 surgeries in the operating roombecause it presented inflammation and an abscess of pus, which forced a special follow-up due to the seriousness of the bacteria.

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Fortunately for him, everything came to fruition and although he spent 26 long days in the hospital the same Lucas Arnau He was the one who confirmed that the doctors discharged him.

“The little miracle family was given to us, they discharged me, what happiness, for the house”, ad the artist with a photo of him on crutches.

Despite the difficult moment, Arnau assured that he has had very happy moments, such as the company of his mother, the visit of his sister who does not live in Colombia and even made a new friend in the care center.

Finally, the singer also told his entire process through a thread on his Twitter account and thanked the support of fans, colleagues and other personalities, such as former president Álvaro Uribewho have been pending its evolution.