Lucero y Lucerito le dicen adiós a Nueva York: “Un sueño cumplido”

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bright Star and her daughter “Lucerito” share a great passion: the love for theater. Together they had set themselves a challenge that they finally met on their recent trip to New York. The stages have been a home for both, the one also known as “Girlfriend of America” ​​in the musical part and for Lucerito her goal as an actress.

United by this great love of art, they decided to take a few days of vacation in New York City to enjoy the big billboard on Broadway. During those days they shared part of their itinerary on their official Instagram accounts, which looked very fun and special to live as mother and daughter.

But they had a challenge: to attend 15 musicals on Broadway, and they did it! They clearly celebrated it in style on social networks. Lucero wanted to share this journey with his almost four million followers and expressed all his emotion for living this adventure with his daughter.

After fulfilling their goal, they have now said goodbye to the so-called “Big Apple”. They closed their theatrical tour with “Dear Evan Hansen”, the singer shared it in her stories showing an image of the program on the premises about to enjoy the work. “We say goodbye to our wonderful days of theater”wrote.

Later she published that she dropped her phone and broke her camera and then thanked her daughter for accompanying her in these last days, which were spectacular. “It was an unforgettable trip, every moment a dream come true… Thank you my beautiful girl for sharing with me and having a great time”he wrote alongside a picture of Times Square.

And to close, he published the image again with his little girl from the album of his vacation in New York, assuring that it was his favorite photograph. “Without a doubt, my favorite photo of the trip” it is read in the post where we see Lucero and Lucerito very smiling in Central Park.

Lucero and Lucerito in New York