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The Queen’s Royal Guard, the one in red uniforms and huge black fur hats pulled down over the eyes, occupied the field of play while the London singer Raye sang God Save the Queen (God save the queen). And 90,000 spectators in the imposing Wembley Stadium not entirely silent, Liverpool fans whistled the anthem.

On its 150th anniversary, a fabulous staging opened the final of the Football Association Cup, the famous English Cup, the oldest football competition in the world. In 1872, when it started, there were no World Cups or Champions Leagues or leagues, that was the first formal attempt to rival between clubs. Then came everything else. Only it was not disputed during the two world wars. Seven hundred twenty-nine teams participate, including amateur categories. I mean, he really represents all of England. Such a tradition is held in reverence, which is why, unlike other countries, the cup winner ranks in English football fairly close to the league champion. He is not a little sister.

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As in the League Cup – second in importance – Liverpool and Chelsea reached the final on the historic stage. As on that occasion –February 27–, they played ardently, equalized 0-0, went to extra time and penalties. And, like then, Liverpool was crowned from the twelve steps. In fourteen penalties, most of them wonderfully executed, the Red Devils club won 6-5. The usual anguish of the penalty shootout served to decree a champion and give emotion to the coronation. And it’s not that emotions were lacking before, there were plenty of scoring situations, just precision, a key element in this game, was lacking.

Luis Diaz’s celebration of the FA Cup title.

Now you have to kick penalties well, otherwise the goalkeepers save them. They’re athletic, they study kickers, they rehearse a lot. Di Stéfano used to say that in his time penalty goals were not celebrated because it was too easy to score them. “You turned around and went to the center of the field without shouting,” Alfredo recalled. The goalkeepers hardly moved, one shot to ensure, to a point, and it was a sure goal. Currently, shooting that does not go hard or corner is a dessert for goalkeepers. Unless the auctioneers know how to feint well, as happens with those who dare to make a Panenka. After the series and with Liverpool champion, Jürgen Klopp did not stop hugging Sadio Mané; he was the one who missed the champion’s only shot. But Alisson saved him by covering it up to Mason Mount.

Prince Williams and Debbie Hewitt, the first female president of the English Football Association in 158 years, presented the trophy to Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson, a tough warrior of arduous battles. It is the second crown of the season for the red box, now he must deal with Real Madrid for the Champions League on May 28 and he is waiting for a defeat by Manchester City to see if he can also string together the Premier League, but that was difficult for him. City took three points and seven goals from him with only two games remaining. Klopp was looking for the quadruplet, at most he will have to settle for three.

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The great moment of Luis Diaz

Liverpool and Chelsea are twins pressing, they suffocate each other, that’s why they have a hard time getting over each other. Nonetheless, there were plenty of dangerous arrivals from the two. And the clearest was at his feet Luis Díaz, a great figure in the first half. Alexander Arnold gave him a first pass with three fingers, a real delicatessen, and left him alone in front of the goal; Lucho struck well, taking advantage, as is his virtue, he dominated, entered the area and quickly defined, but the ball, between Mendy’s legs, stopped and this allowed the Chelsea defense to reject. The Colombian got behind Chalobah’s back, into the gap between him and James, and caused havoc there, but he always lacked the finishing touch, the five cents of precision to make a net. However, after 8 minutes he was already the figure of the game with his left runs, feints, dribbles and crosses.

Klopp leads his compatriot Thomas Tuchel with an advantage of 10 wins to 3, but it is difficult for him to beat him.

In the second half he was also a high risk factor for Tuchel’s men, and he tried several times from the edge of the area, but it was not his afternoon to score. In extra time, Klopp replaced him with Firmino, because he was losing physical freshness and was no longer winning in the pits, but with his ownership and his electric and sharp movements he confirmed that he is one of the German coach’s favorites and that he is up to Mane and Salah. Even all the teammates look for him with the pass more to him than to the other two. A symptom of confidence of those. If he was given the goal, he was the figure of the field. It was the same.

It was a fight without respite. Klopp leads his compatriot Thomas Tuchel with an advantage of 10 wins to 3, but it is difficult for him to beat him. And Chelsea had several good ones in front of Alisson’s goal. The same thing happened to Pulisic as to Luis Díaz: he was a figure, he unbalanced, he was not given the sacred cry and then he was worn out, until he was replaced.

Liverpool had not won the Premier for thirty years, thirteen without winning the Champions League and sixteen without lifting the English Cup. That’s it: Klopp has given him everything back.

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On Thursday, in a memorable performance, Inter beat Juventus 4-2 in the Coppa Italia final. Few saw it, many didn’t even know about it. In hierarchy, both competitions are identical, but the English Cup was seen by the world. That was a great game, this was a remarkable event. The same goes for the Copa del Rey (Spain) or the German Cup. It is the abysmal difference that English football has established as a spectacle for presentation, good taste and the elegance of the decoration.

At the final of the League Cup, between the same contenders, 85,512 payers had attended. It sold out 90,000 tickets. The inventors of soccer neglected themselves for years, but they have returned to the forefront in almost every aspect. And it is difficult for them to lose it.

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