Luis Díaz recibió un nuevo elogio de Jurgen Klopp; qué dijo y en qué lo ayuda

Luis Díaz recibió un nuevo elogio de Jurgen Klopp; qué dijo y en qué lo ayuda

There is no press conference in which the German coach is not asked about the current situation of the Colombian soccer player. The impact he has had since his arrival has made the sports media interested in the day-to-day life of the peasantwho increasingly becomes a key card of the ‘reds’.

This Tuesday, in the media attention for the second leg of the UEFA Champions League quarter-final against Benfica, Klopp referred to what he has seen from Luis Díaz in the most recent training sessions and once again highlighted his joy.

It is not the first time that the coach highlights this quality of the farmer, because since he joined the squad he caused a great surprise in all the members of the team.

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New praise from Klopp to Luis Díaz

Taking into account that in the first leg the ‘coffee farmer’ contributed an assist and a goal for the 1-3 win, his name appeared as one of the main protagonists for this Wednesday’s duel against the Portuguese.

Given this, Jurgen Klopp took the opportunity to return to the subject of his smile, a registered trademark in club practices.

“I didn’t know how much he enjoys training. He can’t stop smiling. We didn’t know how quickly it would adapt. All the players we have signed in recent years are happy. This is not the worst place in the world. That he enjoys training is great, ”said the DT.

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This could give clues about his possible ownership this Wednesday at Anfield, when Liverpool define their pass to the semifinals of the highest club competition in Europe. For Klopp, the atmosphere of the ‘red’ stadium will be key to achieving that goal.

“It’s Anfield. They don’t just play against us, they play against the entire crowd. I repeat, we want to be the only team that no one wants to play against.”he added.

Liverpool and Benfica will face each other this Wednesday, April 13, starting at 2:00 in the afternoon, Colombian time.

Here, the moment in which Klopp spoke again about Luis Díaz: