Lujosas exigencias de Residente en un concierto en Perú

Lujosas exigencias de Residente en un concierto en Perú

Several weeks ago the rapper René Pérez, better known as resident, unleashed commotion in latin music by launching a song together with the young Argentine producer Bizarrap, with which he severely attacks the Colombian reggaeton player J Balvin.

And although the Colombian singer has remained on the sidelines of the situation without responding to Residente, the interpreter of ‘Atrévete’ takes advantage of any moment to continue with his attack against Balvin.

In the midst of this controversy between the two artists, this Thursday they brought to light some luxurious demands made by the Puerto Rican singer at a concert he had in Peru in 2010.

César Ramos, owner of the production company Masterlive, in that country, accompanied the content creator Carlos Orozco on his YouTube channel and made the revelations about Residente that sparked Strong criticism against the artist, since he contradicts the arguments with which he has pointed out J Balvin.

The businessman began by saying on the platform that the problems with the singer occurred at the “Vivo por el Rock” event, which took place in 2010, the rapper requested the best presidential suite in the country, armored cars, all of these requests were included in the category of the most difficult to obtain, according to Ramos.

“I remember that I asked for many things that I did not expect. He caught me by surprise because I didn’t expect it from Residente. He expected more ‘quiet’ requests and then he asked me for things that were more difficult to obtain”, commented the owner of the production company.

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One of the latest controversies that the singer lived was in an airport in Mexico, a country in which he had a concerteither. René was about to take the plane that would take him back to his house, the Puerto Rican was rebuked by a group of journalists who chased him running to try to interview you in any way; However, the artist decided not to determine them and continued with his fate, ignoring the communicators’ questions.