LUKA MODRIC LO EXPLICÓ: ¿Por qué el Real Madrid consiguió eliminar al Chelsea pese a que llegó a estar 0-3 en el Santiago Bernabéu?

LUKA MODRIC LO EXPLICÓ: ¿Por qué el Real Madrid consiguió eliminar al Chelsea pese a que llegó a estar 0-3 en el Santiago Bernabéu?

After Timo Werner’s great goal, millions of neutral fans thought that Real Madrid was not going to be able to get up. What a mistake. Madridismo lives on these nights. And, once again, they managed to turn around an adversity situation.

Luka Modric, the author of the assistance with which the white awakening began, believes that the key was that they never stopped believing, trusting. Even with the partial 0-3, they respected the history of the club and never gave up. That + the support of the Santiago Bernabéu + the impact of the changes generated the vibrant reaction that we all saw.


“We don’t give up, we don’t give up. We keep believing, we keep fighting. And, in the end, we scored 2 goals. We show great character. This stadium and the fans helped us a lot when we were losing 3-0. They were there, they continued to support us. And they gave us more push to continue believing that we could turn this around. And we did it.”

“The mister made big changes and they did it well. They made a big impact on the game. In this competition, experience plays an important role. It helped us a little bit, but we knew after the first match that it was going to be a tough game. For me, one of the most difficult teams to play against. I see them because of my friend Mateo (Kovacic) and they are a very tough, physical and very compact team. But we show great character, great desire and great togetherness. And we managed to turn it around. A very sweet defeat.”declared Lukita, in an interview for BT sport.

The sweetest defeat. They fell 2-3 at the Santiago Bernabéu, but advanced 5-4 overall due to the work they did at The Bridge: “It’s an incredible night, once again a great match at the Bernabéu. One of those big nights. A defeat that tastes very sweet. We have suffered, but we did not give up until the end. We continue to believe, although I think that, despite trailing 3-0, we haven’t played a bad game. But Chelsea have put almost everything they had, from my visiting point. But we continue to believe, fight, trust that we can turn the result around, and we have. The coach has made good changes, which helped us a lot. Very happy, very happy that we are in the semis”.

Undefeated data. Luka Modric has reached 8 of a possible 10 UEFA Champions League semi-finals with Real Madrid. insane

Did you know…? Real Madrid have qualified for 10 of the last 12 UEFA Champions League semi-finals that have been played. The kings of the tournament.