Maletas de viaje que puedes llevar en la cabina del avión por menos de 50 euros

The hardest part of a trip is to find the flights, together with the accommodation, and to find it cheap. But unfortunately, the preparation does not end here. Depending on the airline in which you travel, you will have to meet some minimum requirements. This especially affects the Cabin bagSo the airlines they only allow specific dimensions and weights which must be followed.

If you fail to comply with them, you will have to go through an unpleasant situation: pay an additional cost. Or they can even order that suitcase be sent to invoicealso with its consequent payment. To avoid this expense, and ensure that our trip runs smoothly, it is necessary to have the rules of each company in advance: Ryanair, Iberia, Vueling, Air France… We have compiled all of them so that you do not have a headache looking for them:

  • Ryanair, Vueling and Transavia: 55 cm high, 40 cm long and 20 cm wide. Up to 10 kilos.
  • Iberia: 56x40x25 cm up to 10 kilos.
  • AirFrance: 55x35x25 cm up to 12 kilos.
  • Norwegian: 55x40x23 cm up to 10 or 15 kilos, depending on the ticket
  • British Airways: 56x45x25 up to 23 kilos.
  • Emirates: 55x38x20 cm up to 7 kilos of weight.

Do the measurements not fit you? Don’t worry, because we bring you the cheapest suitcases on amazon so that you can travel by plane with the security that you will not have to pay more for taking your luggage with you in the cabin.

Cheapest cabin luggage on Amazon

With none of these suitcases you will have a problem when getting on the plane. And there are different prices, they even include an option for less than 20 euros. A smash! These are the most economical cabin suitcases that you can find on the market:

Special ‘low cost’ suitcase

Impossible to find any cheaper. Its dimensions are 33x55x19It is made of polyester and has a two-wheel structure. In addition to the main one, it has two outer pockets, and it can be buy on Amazon for 19.99 euros. From the Benzi brand, it is also quite light, weighing only 1.4 Kg. Of course, due to its price, it will be necessary to know that it will not be as resistant as others. If you don’t usually travel a lot, it will work for you.

Semi-rigid suitcase

The best quality-price cabin suitcase. Its dimensions are 55x36x21 centimeters, including its four-wheel structure (360-degree rotation), which greatly facilitates mobility. It has a numerical combination lock, for greater security, and the casing is light but made of ABS with protection on the corners, being semi-rigid. It can buy on Amazon for 39.99 eurosbeing one of the best sellers of the commercial platform. Another ‘plus’ is that the interior is fully lined with several compartments.

Amazon semi-rigid cabin bag

Special cabin backpack

If you hate carrying suitcases, this option is for you. With this backpack you will feel freer, with dimensions of 40x20x25. Don’t be fooled by its format, as it has a 20-litre capacity, with a special padded back pocket for technological devices (iPads or tablets fit perfectly). It can buy on Amazon for 44.95 eurosIt also has a top carrying handle, a main compartment with a lock and a front pocket with quick access. Its more than 4,400 positive reviews speak for themselves.

Amazon cabin suitcase special backpack