Mamá de Valdiri contó qué opina de la relación


The name of Andrea Valdiri has been very pronounced lately on social networks, after it became known that he would soon marry the influencer Philip Saruma.

For several months, there had been rumors of a relationship between Saruma and La Valdiri; however, none accepted or denied this information. They let the days pass and the same time gave the reason to the followers of this couple.

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Felipe Saruma was always very faithful to Andrea, they work together and for years they have had a beautiful friendship that transcended into a great love that will soon reach the altar.

A few days ago, the businesswoman told through her social networks that she wanted to keep a large part of their relationship away from public opinion to avoid malicious comments, and that she also considers that she found an excellent person who she wanted to take good care of.

Carmen, mother of Andrea Valdiri, spoke out against her daughter’s relationship with Felipe Saruma

In the last few hours, the opinion of Mrs Carmen about his daughter Andrea’s relationship with Felipe. Through her social networks, the mother of La Valdiri activated the question and answer tool for his fans to inquire about various aspects of his life.

Nevertheless, Internet users focused on finding out about the marriage of Saruma and AndreaIn addition to wanting to know what the lady thinks about this relationship and whether or not it is marketing this famous event.

Mom Valdiri thinks about Saruma 2

Mom Valdiri thinks about Saruma 3

Mom Valdiri thinks about Saruma 4

First, Doña Carmen accepted that she is very happy to know that her daughter Andrea will arrive at the altar, she also answered very sincerely and directly if she accepts this relationship or not.: “she is an adult, I do not have to approve or disapprove. She is my daughter and she is an adult”. In addition, he assured that she loves them both as children.

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In addition to these questions, Mrs. Carmen answered if she would like a grandson of this couple: “It would be her decision. I receive all my grandchildren with love.”

For her part, Andrea’s mother decided to put an end to the rumors about a topic often mentioned on the networks, which mentions that the marriage would be a matter of marketing or a series that they intend to promote.

“I don’t care what others think, they are free to express their opinion. Thinking is free”.

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