Marbelle compara perdón social de Petro con abrazo ancestral de Francia Márquez

Marbelle compara perdón social de Petro con abrazo ancestral de Francia Márquez

Maureen Belky Ramírez Cardona, as is the real name of the 42-year-old woman, spoke through her Twitter account to show her point of view on the proposal for “social forgiveness”, issued by Gustavo Petro for the corrupt in the country.

That was how the singer took the opportunity to extract juice from the individual concept, which the candidate himself has had to explain and accommodate to avoid the rain of criticism he has received about it.

Consequently, the ingenious Marbelle compared Petro’s “social forgiveness” with the “ancestral hug” what days ago France Marquez, vice-presidential formula of the Historical Pact, he sent the singer after she called the social leader “King Kong” because of her skin color.

“Social forgiveness is like an ancestral hug,” the artist wrote succinctly.

The controversy arose after a brother of Petro will visit Iván Moreno in prison, politician convicted of corrupt practices and who is the brother of Samuel Moreno, former mayor of Bogotá who is also imprisoned for the same.

In this way, the interpreter of the hit ‘Collar de Perals’ does not stop giving sonority to the campaign that represents the leftThus becoming an impromptu head of image, since each trill of hers puts public opinion and the media to talk about the subject.

The truth is that the artist has not managed to receive high-sounding responses from the recipients of her criticism, since apparently they are getting a free favor translated into popularity bathroom when they are appointed by the woman.

In fact, Marbelle has treated Petro to be like Nicholas Maduro” and even from “thief” for his proposals to modify the pension system.

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