Marbelle sin público luego de pelea con Francia Márquez y tema factor X

Marbelle sin público luego de pelea con Francia Márquez y tema factor X

At least that is evidenced in a video that circulates this Sunday in social networks and that shows details of what was the presentation of Marbelle, artist who is in the news these days in Colombia after her exchange of comments with the vice-presidential candidate Francia Márqeuz, who confessed to admiring her since she appeared on ‘Factor X’.

In the presentation, the actress also appears on stage, singing to a few couples and concertgoers. Most of the stage appears unoccupied.

Although there is no certainty of the time in which the video was recorded, it does show that Marbella did not have the reception that it has registered in other parts of Colombia in several of their concerts. The artist is one of the most famous of ranchera and popular music in the country.

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This is the video that circulates on social networks of the concert in Villavicencio:

Marbella and its dispute with Francia Márquez

The actress and singer has gained importance in recent days in Colombia, not because of her music or her talent, but because of the fight that she herself started with the formula for the vice presidency of the Historical Pact.

The most recent moment occurred because Márquez responded to one of her offenses and told her that she did not understand why the mistreatment, if she has always admired her as a singer. She even commented that when she was younger she participated in the ‘X Factor’, of the RCN channel, when Marbelle was one of the juries.

“Dear Marbelle, I don’t understand how you hate me without knowing me, how you distrust me if we have never had the opportunity to braid a friendship relationship. Let me tell you that on the contrary, I have admired you since I was a teenager, ”he began by saying Gustavo Petro’s formula.

Before the comment, Marbelle replied that, as in this election season, she says “No” again to Francia Márquez, as in the RCN contest.

“In ‘Factor X’ I told him no and today I repeat it: ‘You do not continue with us,'” Marbelle said, in a trill in which she added two laughing emojis.