Mario Cimarro, de ‘Pasión de gavilanes’, decepcionado por giro Juan Reyes

Mario Cimarro, de 'Pasión de gavilanes', decepcionado por giro Juan Reyes

The love story starring Danna García and Mario Cimarro is still being broadcast on the Telemundo network every nightand although its ‘rating’ has not been as expected, the audience does not lose track of what is happening in the lives of the Elizondo sisters and the Reyes brothers.

In one of the last episodes of ‘Pasión de gavilanes’ an unexpected turn occurred that surprised viewers and the Cuban actorwho recently announced that he would become a father.

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According to People en Español, there was a scene in which Cimarro’s character cheats on his wife. “Although their relationship as a couple had been wearing thin, it was not until last night that their love story blew up after Norma will find her husband kissing Rosario Montes, an act that although it was the result of an impulse from Juan as retaliation for having found her with her sonthe eldest of the Elizondo sisters is not willing to forgive, ”reads the magazine.

After this, the star did a live on the novel’s Instagram account to share a little with his followers, and in said broadcast He did not hesitate to express his dissatisfaction with the direction history is taking.

“I am very disappointed with all this that the universe, God, karma or the writers put on these endearing characters. It is definitely not worth ending like this, “said the soap opera heartthrob.

Cimarro assured that he still does not understand why Juan Reyes should act that way. “All this is not fair that is happening to him. How is it that this man who is so good, so perfect, so adored that the woman treats him badly, slaps him in front of the children, doesn’t want to make love to him? Why doesn’t he want to make love to her? Did Juan get ugly or what? Did he get fat or what? No no no. He doesn’t deserve that,” he opined.