Más por menos | Opinión de Cristina García Ramos

It seems that this year one in three Spaniards will not go on vacationand well they would like to do it, but they can’t, the accounts do not come out.

Five out of ten will take them, but they have decided, also against their will, shorten rest days away from home so the numbers add up.

Prices have skyrocketed. Fuel, transport, hotels have risen, and forced resignations are imposed. look at it how you look at itThe end result is that this year you will pay more and receive less.

Summer vacations were gradually dwindling

There was a very distant time, that only grandparents remember, that vacations lasted three months, summers were from the end of June to mid-September. Gradually the days off were getting shorter.. The privileged ones who had the right to a month of paid rest juggled the days to add them to a bridge or far-sighted, some days were reserved for unforeseen events. So the Summer Vacation little by little they were diminishing and now they are closer to trips of a couple of weeks or getaways of a few days.

“Closed for holidays” signs are rare. We ran away with him telecommuting piggyback because July and August have long since been those months in which nothing happened and you could unwind in peace. Now you don’t risk going beyond where there is good coverage, because let’s see, raise your hand if you are able to leave your computer at home and keep your mobile phone off.