Más protestas contra los cruceros en Córcega | Noticias de Agencias de viajes

First was the blockade of a Tui boat last week in Ajaccio. But now there are demonstrations that initially do not call for the end of cruise ships but for their regulation. (Corsican nationalists stop a Tui cruiser)

In the last one, cruise passengers and protesters clashed. Two Austrian tourists traveling on a cruise ship said “we don’t feel singled out by these protesters. We can understand what it feels like. We have chosen a small boat that has a hybrid engine”.

Ajaccio merchants, on the other hand, point out that visitors report profits. Stéphane Sbraggia, the new mayor of the city, has started a wide cycle of consultations to adopt a position in the future.

The protesters, in part part of the Corsican independence movement, say “why should we welcome these boats? There are smaller and less polluting ones”. Complaints point to a significant increase in cruise ships, from 126 in 2019 to more than 220 this year in Ajaccio alone.

According to L’Echo Touristique, a specialized French portal, the South Corsica Chamber of Commerce, which manages the port, did not confirm these figures.

For her part, Muriel Segondy, an environmental activist, said that “in the immediate future we are calling for fuel controls and for the Mediterranean to become a space for controlled emissions” to reduce the sulfur content of fuels.