MasterChef: Carolina Gómez salió del programa

MasterChef: Carolina Gómez salió del programa

This Saturday came a new episode of a mixture of flavors and emotions in masterchef celebrity, Well, a new challenge of elimination put the fire to the highest levels of the kitchen.

Celebrities participated in the challenge Tatán Mejía, Carolina Gómez, Cristina Campuzano, Carlos Báez, Natalia Ramírez, Manuela González and Aco Pérez, who were left with a black apron after not overcoming past challenges. However, for some nerves played a few tricks, especially for those facing an elimination challenge for the first time.

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The one who was seriously affected was a former queen Caroline Gomez having to stop at one point in the test, due to discomfort he suffered, but managed to overcome to continue his preparation.

On the other hand, the juries gave the green light for the participants to get the best out of their creativity with a free dish and a dessert that, although for many it turns out to be the best option, for others getting out of the frame is also a difficulty.

The jury’s verdict

The famous dishes came to the lectern to be tasted by Nicolás de Zubiría, Jorge Rausch and Chris Carpentier, who found preparations that surprised palates, as was the case of Aco Pérez, Natalia Ramírez, Carlos Báez and Cristina Campuzano, who put the high bar when it comes to defining.

However, those who did not have the same fate were Manuela González, Carolina Gómez and Tatán Mejía due to some errors in cooking their recipes and a drop in their cooking levels that surprised the jury.

Carolina Gómez, the new eliminated from MasterChef Celebrity

As usual, an error is not overlooked in the reality kitchen and this time the trick that the challenge played on her because of her nerves, being her first elimination challenge, did not let her advance in the competition.

The news fell like a bucket of cold water to the other participants, who could not help but hold back tears at the famous farewell.