“Me conecto a las importantes”: Helhue Sukni revela cómo se presenta a audiencias desde sus vacaciones

July 15, 2022 – 10:00 p.m.

These days, the Chilean media lawyer Helhue Skirts is traveling in the Canary Islands, Spain, in the company of his youngest daughter, Samia Rabbi.

Sukni has continued to connect with her fans on social media, making videos for them and updating details of how they’ve spent enjoying the heat of the northern hemisphere.

Helhue’s warning to his clients

It should be noted that, although Helhue is on vacation, has continued working from therealthough he warned his clients that he will not attend all the cases in which he is litigating.

In a video he reminded his clients of the above, who apparently would be insisting on the importance of their causes, despite being on vacation.

“I want to tell all my clients who are waiting for me in Santiago de Chi Chi Chi (Chile) that I am with the iPad, therefore, today I connected to two audiences. I connect to the most important hues, to the simple things, no“, he stressed.

In this sense, he added that “those who have important things I’m going to connect, I smell them… those who have simple hue… I’m not going to connect. That’s what I wanted to tell you“.

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Helhue Sukni’s clients

It should be remembered that Helhue Sukni became known for representing people in court who have had conflicts with the law, due to crimes such as robberies, drug traffickingamong others.

“Everyone has the right to defense; to the free defense of the State in the last case. But for something the choros prefer me because I do it from the heart. And I don’t shit them! Apart from that you don’t play with the choros. You saw the number of lawyers with bullets in their legs, which in the underworld is the punishment for the lawyer who did not do his trick or scammed the prisoner, “he said in an interview he gave to Paula magazine in 2012.

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