Medellín festejó y llega motivado al cuadrangular

The presence in the starting eleven of most star players realized the intention of Independent Medellin to overcome the Mealeven aware that he was already classified and did not need the points from this match to remain among the eight.

In the first minutes of the match, the same thing was reflected on the field, with a team from Antioquia focused on the opposing area and evident offensive intentions.

Ultimately, despite the football potholes that he had throughout the engagement, the Powerful fulfilled the objective that had been set for the week, defeating the rival on duty and closing the round robin phase among the top four.

A goal from Luciano Pons was enough for DIM to overcome 1-0 at Nariño setreach 34 points and take fourth place in the rankings.

As for what happened in the game, a header from Luciano Pons and another by Jean Pineda, that were controlled in a good way by the goalkeeper Éderson Cabezas, excited the more than 20,000 spectators who gathered on the sports stage.

Moments later, Pineda tried again, this time with a long-distance shot, but once again the playmaker appeared to give his team peace of mind.

From then on, the party entered a football Lethargy, in which emotions were scarce from side to side. In fact, goalkeeper Andrés Mosquera Marmolejo was just another spectator for most of the game.

Perhaps the idea that it was not an urgency to win began to haunt the players, or at least that is how it seemed to be reflected on the pitch, in some sections.

But the impetus he showed at times was enough for him to win thanks to the goal scored by Pons, who at minute 63 accurately defined inside the area.

Synthesis of the party


Technician: Julio Comesana
Players: Andres Mosquera; Juan Arboleda, Víctor Moreno, Andrés Cadavid, Yulián Gómez (Juan Mosquera, 71′); David Loaiza (Juan Díaz, 86′), Adrián Arregui, Bryan Castrillón (Felipe Pardo, 46′), Jean Pineda (Andrés Ricaurte, 76′), Vladimir Hernández and Luciano Pons (Diber Cambindo, 86′).
Gorges: Pons (63′)
Figure: Pineda
Expelled: did not have


Coach: Flabio Torres
Players: Ederson Cabezas; Gilberto García, Cristian Tovar, Kevin Riascos, Diego Sánchez (Juan Vásquez, 79′); Camilo Ayala, Juan Roa (Facundo Ospitaleche, 73′), Adrián Estacio (William Ordoñez, 79′), Mariano Vásquez, Facundo Boné (Jonathan Perlaza, 79′) and Duvier Riascos (Carlos Hidalgo, 86′).
Goals: did not score
Figure: Heads
Expelled: did not have

Stadium: Atanasio Girardot / Referee: Nolberto Ararat (Valley). / Assistants: John Gallego (Caldas) and Cristian Aguirre (Caldas). / Attendance: 21,930 spectators