Mercado accionario y renta fija, en lo que gurús sugieren invertir con dólar alto

It is no longer surprising that in everyday life the topic of conversation is the price of the dollar and the movement of the stock markets, since the international situation has generated volatility, given the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the increases in interest rates to control inflation and the risk of global recession.

Thus, a key question is what to do in this situation, if it is a good time to invest and what to do.

In the first instance, it is necessary to clarify that the experts recommend a waiting period to initiate investments, given the storm that the markets are going through as a result of the high price of the dollar. But if it is about drawing luck in the financial market, there are options that can be considered to invest with the rise of the greenback and the volatility in the markets.

According to experts consulted by LR, it is important to be cautious and opt for less risky instruments, such as CDTs, which have increased their return rates given the increase in the Banco de la República’s intervention rate.

As of July, entities such as Banco de Occidente (9.9%), Serfinanza (9%), Bancolombia (8.75%) and Bancamía (8.55%) are among those that offer the best rates for said product, with a term of 90 to 119 days and with the lowest investment amounts.

“ Options such as CDTs are perhaps a good alternative, especially in well-qualified banks. Another issue is that the dollar can serve as a hedge against uncertainty, since it rises the greater it is,” said Camilo Pérez, head of economic research at Banco de Bogotá.

On the other hand, there is fixed income, that is, those instruments in which the issuers guarantee to return the invested capital plus a certain return. This is the case of the Government’s Treasury Bonds (TES), which, according to experts, have had a depreciation of between 15% and 20% on average.

“When systematic risk increases, the traditional premise is to keep cash available to take advantage of significant discounts on financial instruments that are devalued due to volatility, but whose intrinsic value is high, which allows the opportunity to buy at a good price for the medium term”, explained Diego Palencia, Vice President of Research at Solidus Capital Investment Banking.

In that order of ideas and regarding the fixed income market, Sharon Vargas, a portfolio analyst at Itaú Comisionista de Bolsa added that, “without a doubt, there is now a lot of value in the fixed income market that is showing attractive investment rates that they are not usual and that it is not ruled out that they continue to devalue those titles”.

Analysts point out that there may also be an opportunity in the stock market, given the fall that some species have experienced, both in the Colombian Stock Exchange (BVC), and in the different markets.

For Andrés Moreno, a financial and stock market analyst, in this type of market, investors anticipate falls, so undervalued shares are an option when investing.

“You have to take advantage of opportunities when assets have been devalued. Stocks have already been hit, stock markets are anticipating all that sort of thing, so taking advantage of assets is a great option,” Moreno said.

Now there is not only the possibility of investing directly through a stockbroker, but also, there are more and more applications that allow you to invest in the stock market and buy shares of recognized companies, both in the local stock market and in the foreigners.

Some charge a certain commission for their intermediation and offer technical analysis tools, tutorials, news feeds and even financial education classes, so that any ordinary citizen can venture into the world of investments.

For example, there is Tyba, the Credicorp Capital tool, which already has a wide range of investment methods, such as Voluntary Pension Funds or CDTs, but mainly uses Collective Investment Funds so that its users are owners of actions.

For its part, Trii, a variable income application created with the strategic support of Acciones & Valores, allows trading on the Colombian Stock Exchange (BVC) with small amounts of money and a commission of $10,000.

In international matters, in the case of wanting to own a fraction of a company or participate in other investments, such as commodities, you can use the eToro platform.

Another of the best known applications is Robinhood, which presents packages of shares listed on Wall Street and is certified by the Securities Investor Protection Corporation.

Real estate investment vehicles are also an option to diversify and invest with the high dollar, these vehicles, whose main contribution is to complement the most orthodox savings models, offer a way for both individuals and large investors to access stable investments in the long-term and with regular returns to balance your portfolios.

Proof of this is Pei, a vehicle listed on the local stock market and professionally managed by experts.

“Pei, by having all its lease contracts for the properties in the portfolio agreed in Colombian pesos and indexed to inflation, generates a kind of intrinsic coverage, which allows collecting the behavior of the variables to which they are indexed”, explained Jimena Maya. , Pei’s investor relations manager.

Given the uncertainty due to the international situation, the main recommendation of the experts is to be cautious before making investment decisions, seek appropriate advice and be aware of your level of exposure to risk.

Recommendations to take care of your personal finances with the expensive dollar

Faced with this scenario, LR consulted experts with some advice to face the rise in the dollar and take care of finances and found that trying not to buy imported goods, not having debts abroad, not buying with credit cards in dollars and diversifying income are some of the most notorious recommendations. Alexander Ríos said that “we must understand that this scenario points to a rise in consumption. Therefore, the recommendations would have to be directed towards rationality in consumption”.