Mercurio retrógado: ¿Qué pasa con cada signo zodiacal cuando Mercurio está retrogrado?

mehe planet of communication will retrograde four times in total this year. This occasion will be the second time in the year that it does so, and there will still be two more to go before the end of 2022. Mercury retrograde in the sky tells us that it is time to review, reorder, recapitulate what we have already done, finish what is pending, but not to start anything.

But what happens when Mercury is retrograde?

It is a virtual “reverse gear”. Every so often, all the planets (except the Moon and Sun) appear to stop moving in the heavens and go backwards, this is called retrograde motion.

On this occasion, it retrogrades in Gemini, from May 10 in degree 4, until May 22, when it returns to the sign of Taurus.

It will be “direct” again on June 2.

We consult with the astrologer Barbara_Soledad and she explains that we must be flexible with the processing of information. The influence of Mercury in Taurus is related to real estate deals, tenders, auctions. While the retrogradation lasts, it is not advisable to buy, sell or come into contact with business growth projects.

Little Mercury is not the one responsible for the chaos, but he is the one in charge of showing you what needs review, readjustments, and changes.

Here’s what each sign should expect while Mercury is retrograde:


With the sign of Jupiter entering your sign these days, you should be careful that this period does not take things to extremes.

Time to reflect on how we communicate with others and how we process our thoughts. Ideal to delve into any misunderstanding with siblings/neighbors/colleagues.


Time to reflect on your values. Not only material, but also emotional. Is there something that needs to be revised, updated, transformed? Safety is extremely important to Taurus. And many times Mercury retrograde can put this security in check. Slowly go through this process of reassessing priorities.


Mercury retrogrades in your sign, the ruling sign, and takes you on an inner journey of deep personal observation of who you are. What identifies you? What makes you vibrate? What turns you on? It will be 3 weeks of observation of ME, since you are the protagonist.


Beautiful period to connect or start with a practice of “mindfulness” or meditation.

This Mercury retrograde will mobilize and bring hidden or repressed fears to the surface, causing a bit of anxiety and tension. Ideal time for deep contemplation and reflection. Do not stop connecting with some spiritual practice if you have it, and if not go out to meet it.


Period that could bring tension and confusion with friends. It would be ideal for you to focus these weeks on what you really want. Stay away from the chaos that others might involve you in.


Mercury is your ruler but it is not going retrograde in your sign. That gives a relief for this double Mercury. Virgo, time to review goals and make new plans. Are your values ​​aligned with your work? With your service? Review your long-term goals.


Your belief systems will be in review and change. Remember what you think, you create! Connect these 3 weeks with new ways of living and being. The change will be positive and supported by the planet Jupiter, the giant.


When Mercury retrogrades Scorpio feels their finances shaken and devastated. He reviews the power relationship with the others. Jupiter will be in a fire sign, which could ignite your desire to dominate. Look for balance and a middle ground. It will be 3 weeks where you will see hidden things come out for a long time.


When Mercury retrogrades the sign of the centaur he is taken deep into what he avoids checking at all costs. Sagittarius, the seeker of truth, will be forced to reconsider misunderstandings in relationships, which will finally bring issues to resolve. This period will leave a sense of purpose and justice to those born in Sagittarius. Your ruler Jupiter in Aries fills you with power and energy to achieve this transformation.


This Mercury retrograde will help you restructure daily routines, your work ethic and your health. Above all, check your mental health. Are you aligned in your work and what you do for your own benefit and that of others?


This Mercury will lead you to observe your creativity. Do you allow yourself time? To connect with what you feel express and create? Or have fun and enjoy life? Mercury retrogrades in another air sign and your nervous system will be highly susceptible during these 3 weeks. It would be important for you to set aside time to relax and have fun. Enjoy more!


Special weeks to be able to connect with your emotional bases, observe your emotions and reactions. They are directly associated with your mental health.

Connect with your heart, your family, your home. Especially pay close attention to important decisions regarding the house/home. This will be an area that will be very active and reactive in these 3 weeks of May/June. What may seem like one thing could change overnight.