Michael Jackson: video de pelea de imitadores en Cartagena – Otras Ciudades – Colombia

“Multiverse”? That is what Internet users who have jokingly reacted to a street fight that led two Michael Jackson Impersonators in the Historic Center of Cartagena.

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According to preliminary versions of some witnesses, the dispute would have originated on this Saturday night, because one of the characters was located in the Plaza de San Pedro to make his presentation and the other, apparently, did not like it.

According to a video that was broadcast on social media, the ‘post-op’ Michael Jackson threw punches and kicks, while the ‘pre-op’ Michael Jackson waited with other punches.

A public toilet worker tried to avoid the brawlbut it was impossible. For their part, other citizens and tourists surrounded the two subjects to witness what was happening.

The economic sanction to the imitators for the case of intolerance

Behaviors sanctioned with the type 2 fine, which corresponds to 208,000 pesos

As reported by the Metropolitan Police of Cartagena, it is frequently making the imposition of subpoenas on people involved in this type of event that alters the tranquility and citizen coexistence.

In this sense, the authorities sanctioned the two imitators of the choreographies of Michael Jackson, who starred in the fight in the Historic Center of ‘La Heroica’, through an act of impulsive violence.

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They applied Law 1801 in its article 27: behaviors that put the life and integrity of people at risk and, therefore, are contrary to coexistence.

“Number 1: fight, incite or incur in violent confrontations that may lead to physical aggression; behaviors sanctioned with the type 2 fine, which corresponds to 208,000 pesos”, the institution recalled.

The Metropolitan Police of Cartagena added that it makes available to the community the Police Mediation offices, located in all stations and substations in Cartagena, corregimientos and nearby municipalities, where they can resolve their conflicts, preventing them from culminating in criminal behavior, such as homicides or personal injuries.


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