Miembros de Nirvana, Pearl Jam y Soundgarden forman nuevo supergrupo

Miembros de Nirvana, Pearl Jam y Soundgarden forman nuevo supergrupo

Soundgarden guitarist kim thayilNirvana’s bassist Krist Novoselicand the drummer sound garden Y pearl jam, matt cameronhave joined forces to form 3rd secret. The new supergroup also includes bubba dupreeguitarist of pioneering hardcore group Emptyand the vocalists Jennifer Johnson Y Jillian Raywho are also part of the other band of Novoselic, Giants in the Trees.

3rd secret surprised fans by releasing his self-titled LP on Monday night (April 11), which was primarily recorded and mixed by famed grunge-era producer, Jack Endino. The band also recently performed a secret show at the Museum of Pop Culture of Seattle, of which cameron shared a photo on Instagram.

Novoselic previously hinted at the album’s existence in February, as reported by UK portal NME:

“I am very busy trying to finish a record. In the middle of some pending – looking for a release in mid-March”– said the ex-bassist of Nirvana in a now-deleted tweet. “But it’s a secret, so don’t tell anyone!”

Via NME.

In the same way, Thayil suggested in a video interview with Lifeminute last month that he’ll probably be reuniting with his former bandmates, one way or another:

“I think the three of us are interested in doing new things”- said about cameron and the bass player sound garden, good pastor. “We certainly like working together”.

Via Lifeminute.

However, the release of the album, which is currently limited to digital streaming services, was not without its hiccups.

“The reports that come through the hotline of 3rd secret indicate that the album is not yet on Apple Music”– said an announcement posted on the band’s website shortly after the album’s release. “Please be patient as the work was uploaded on Saturday night and needs time to get out on streaming platforms.”