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In Millionaires there is a good atmosphere. The 42 points and the leadership are a reflection of how well Gamero’s team is doing, entering the semi-final home runs at an optimal level. Alberto Gamero, coach of the ambassador cast, spoke at a press conference, after achieving victory against Alianza Petrolera. Reflections from sports and time even for jokes to their players.

Feeling after 42 points in the league: I saw that the group was happy, happy. We wanted to win and fight for the first places. This is a job where they psych themselves up on something. Seven or nine dates ago we visualized ourselves in the first places. Thanks to this result we came out first.

This does not end here, think about what is to come. The eight that arrive is because they made merit. Others who arrived in a hurry, others who were already there.
The home runs will be difficult. The eight will want to be champion. We will try to improve and climb, to do our best to fight for the title. It is an achievement of the boys, every day they evolve, they mentalize.

Record of most points for Millionaires: on a day-to-day basis I show you this. The player and us in this football environment, we must be psyched to leave a mark. Last year we made 88 points. This year we already broke Jorge Luis Pinto’s record. It is for the institution. Every time one breaks that, it is where there is more responsibility, with us, with the fans and managers. The homers are going to be brave.
The incentive is to go to propose and look for the parties. Mentalized to play well.

Consolidation of the idea of ​​the game: we have had games where the team prepares to fight for what is important, the first places. When I got to Millonarios I said that we should always qualify for home runs. We did it. We have a young team, but they have to change it game by game to gain experience, that’s at stake. I think we are consolidating a group based on the game, the difficulties, the position that we fight for.

It is not the same to acquire experience last or being eliminated. The players are tanning and taking responsibility. Something that the group has is the mentality with the game model to propose wherever. As long as I’m in Millonarios, he won’t go out and hide. They assimilate the work. They came out three or four times in the high zone, it’s normal.

Absence of Vargas: he will play the first date of the 21st, from there, he does not play anymore. He has an appointment on 1 or 2, they play the playoff on the 14th, he would arrive almost for the last date of the home run. I can’t tell you who will play, Cuenú played well. Murillo has done well, I have Moreno.

When asked about an alleged scolding of Elvis Perlada, Gamero corrected and commented on the conversation with the side “Perlaza dresses ugly, he thinks he dresses pretty. I saw him very badly, more than ever ”.