Millonarios Liga BetPlay: Juan Pablo Vargas convocado a la selección Costa Rica | Futbol Colombiano | Liga Betplay

Millonarios is already preparing everything for the final homers of the BetPlay 2022 League. Waiting for how date 20 unfolds, the ambassadors hope to conquer the head of the group, in order to have that advantage, in the event of a possible tie they will be sent to an eventual ending. For now, those of Gamero will have to maintain the level to be able to maintain their rhythm.

However, to the well-known absence of Stiven Vega, that of Juan Pablo Vargas is added. In recent days, Alberto Gamero confirmed that he will not be there, due to the notification of the call for the Concacaf Nations League and the playoff for the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

This afternoon, the call of Juan Pablo Vargas, by Luis Fernando Suárez, was known. The Colombian strategist, in command of the Ticos. Bad news for Millonarios, who will not have him, as of May 16, the date stipulated for the arrival of the Costa Ricans.

The list chosen by the man from Antioquia will be for the duels of Costa Rica against Panama and Martinique, duels scheduled for June 2 and 5. From that group of 27 players, the 22 will play the playoff against New Zealand on June 14. If he were to be left out of those chosen for the World Cup quota dispute, he would return for the fourth round of home runs.

Otherwise, he would return for an eventual Millionaires League final or until next semester.