Millonarios vs. Alianza: resumen, goles y resultados del partido | Futbol Colombiano | Liga Betplay

Last closing euphoric for millionaires. The ambassador box won 1-0 to Oil Alliance with a wonderful amount of Eduardo Sosa and kept the first square of the BetPlay League 2022-I.

The ambassador team went to the El Campín Stadium with its gala payroll. From the beginning he went out to destroy a rival who, despite needing to add, never did anything really striking to take a point from the capital.

With Mackalister Silva, Daniel Ruíz and Eduardo Sosa in midfield, the homeowner generated options everywhere. Of course, the lack of aim prevented an early opening of the scoreboard.

Precisely the winning goal came in the 39th minute through Sosa. The Venezuelan midfielder received in three quarters of the field, settled down and released a mid-distance bomb that went bald in the left corner of José Chunga. Sensational goal.

To the surprise of many, Alianza did not come out the second part to press. And it is that despite the defeat, the results in other places left him within the eight.

For its part, Millionaires, as usual, continued to look for the opposite goal. Ruíz wasted a heads up and Herazo had two clear ones. The second goal never came.

Things could change in the final minutes, when Bucaramanga’s third goal in Pereira left the Aurinegros out. Coach Hubert Bodhert decided to advance lines and moved the bench, but it was too late.

While the blue stayed with the leadership of the tournament, the Barrancabermeja team was left without the finals.